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Cryoport: Strength in Stock

The meaningful increase in today’s price appears to be due to the reported approval of Gilead’s CAR-T drug Yescarta in China. On another matter, CEO Jerry Shelton (for whom I have great respect) has said that the company’s goal is to reach $650 million of sales in 2025 through organic growth.  Acquisitions could increase this. […]

Could There Have Been Hundreds of Millions or Even More Than a Billion Counterfeit Shares of Northwest Biotherapeutics Created Through Illegal Naked Shorting?

I am often asked how I can hypothesize that there may be such an unbelievably large number of counterfeit shares of NWBO that have been created through illegal naked shorting? A look at the GameStop short squeeze gives a real world example suggesting that the hedge fund Melvin Capital could have been short the equivalent […]

Encouraging Comments on DCVax-L from a Key Opinion Leader

If you haven’t already seen it, there is video posted on You Tube in which a key opinion leader (KOL) made some brief comments on DCVax-L. See this link.  Note that comments on DCVax-L start at about 1:45 in. The KOL was Dr. Steven Brem, Professor of Neurosurgery, Chief Neurosurgical Oncology, Co-Director Penn Brain Tumor […]

What Will Happen to SmithOnStocks

I want to thank people who expressed their appreciation for my research over the years upon learning that I was refunding subscriptions. Some are wondering what I will do from now on. I do not intend to fade away. I just enjoy learning about new companies and technologies too much. I will keep my website […]

Closing Subscriptions to SmithOnStocks and Issuing Refunds

I have decided to close the subscription service to SmithOnStocks and will refund subscriptions paid over the past year per a formula I will shortly describe. The reason is that I am spending much more of my research time looking at emerging technologies such as 5G, electric vehicles, regenerative medicine, messenger RNA, fintech, space, blockchain […]

Are There Implications from the Frenzy over GameStop for Adam Feuerstein

The media focus on corrupt hedge fund short selling has not surprisingly turned to bloggers who are closely associated with short selling. The first casualty has been Andrew Left of Citron Research who was leading the charge on shorting GameStop and got hammered on his short position. The Wall Street Journal reports  that his firm […]

Wall Street is Poised for Disruption, Part 2, February 1, 2021

The Current Media Narrative That Retail Investors Trading on Robinhood Were Primarily Responsible for the GameStop Short Squeeze Appears False. It Was More Likely Orchestrated by Hedge Funds Key Thoughts Mainstream media is treating the GameStop short squeeze as a new phenomenon in which free online trading on platforms like Robinhood has led to excessive […]

Wall Street is Poised for Disruption, Part One January 30, 2021

It is Time for Wall Street Wall Street Business Practices to Be Disrupted The frenzy of news flow around the short squeeze on GameStop might be viewed as some kind of one off, weird trading situation precipitated by retail speculators. Old Wall Street hands are saying that it will pass, although they also suggest that […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics and the Robinhood Trading Phenomenon (NWBO), Buy, $1.59)

Stunning Stock Price Movements for GameStop and AMC Entertainment There has been a lot of news coverage this week about the trading of two stocks which have for some time been the subjects of intense short selling: the videogame retailer GameStop Corp.(GME)and the theater chain AMC Entertainment (AMC). On January 21, GME closed at $43.03 […]

Mesoblast, Athersys, Cryoport, ARDS and COVID-19.

Today’s issue of the Wall Street Journal carries an opinion piece entitled “The Treatment That Could Crush Covid”. The article hypothesizes that living cells which the author calls medicinal signaling cells promise to be an effective treatment for Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). ARDS is a condition that results from an overreaction of the immune […]