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Northwest Biotherapeutics: Comments on FDA Guidance for Use of Contemporaneous External Controls; Importance for DCVax-L

The FDA just issued new guidance on the use of contemporaneous external controls in clinical trials. Hedge funds who are massively short Northwest Biotherapeutics stock have falsely argued that the FDA cannot and will not accept contemporaneous external controls as used in the phase 3 DCVax-L clinical trial in glioblastoma. It is their fervent hope […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics; JAMA Oncology A Publication Journal of the American Medical Association Publishes Peer Reviewed Article on DCVax-L (murcidencel).

Overview This article puts into perspective the importance of a peer reviewed article on the Phase 3 Trial of murcidencel (better known as DCVax-L) that was published today in JAMA Oncology, A publication of the Journal of the American Medical Association. This is a landmark event in which independent experts in an exhaustive process (which […]

Antares Pharma: Acquisition by Halozyme

I am a little sad to see Antares sell out to Halozyme. I thought that the rubber was just starting to meet the road and that it was too early to consider selling out although this was always the likely long term outcome. Oh well, maybe management knows or fears something that I am not […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics

I am in the late stages of completing an update on NWBO. It should be out soon.

Cryoport: Strength in Stock

The meaningful increase in today’s price appears to be due to the reported approval of Gilead’s CAR-T drug Yescarta in China. On another matter, CEO Jerry Shelton (for whom I have great respect) has said that the company’s goal is to reach $650 million of sales in 2025 through organic growth.  Acquisitions could increase this. […]

Could There Have Been Hundreds of Millions or Even More Than a Billion Counterfeit Shares of Northwest Biotherapeutics Created Through Illegal Naked Shorting?

I am often asked how I can hypothesize that there may be such an unbelievably large number of counterfeit shares of NWBO that have been created through illegal naked shorting? A look at the GameStop short squeeze gives a real world example suggesting that the hedge fund Melvin Capital could have been short the equivalent […]

Encouraging Comments on DCVax-L from a Key Opinion Leader

If you haven’t already seen it, there is video posted on You Tube in which a key opinion leader (KOL) made some brief comments on DCVax-L. See this link.  Note that comments on DCVax-L start at about 1:45 in. The KOL was Dr. Steven Brem, Professor of Neurosurgery, Chief Neurosurgical Oncology, Co-Director Penn Brain Tumor […]

What Will Happen to SmithOnStocks

I want to thank people who expressed their appreciation for my research over the years upon learning that I was refunding subscriptions. Some are wondering what I will do from now on. I do not intend to fade away. I just enjoy learning about new companies and technologies too much. I will keep my website […]

Closing Subscriptions to SmithOnStocks and Issuing Refunds

I have decided to close the subscription service to SmithOnStocks and will refund subscriptions paid over the past year per a formula I will shortly describe. The reason is that I am spending much more of my research time looking at emerging technologies such as 5G, electric vehicles, regenerative medicine, messenger RNA, fintech, space, blockchain […]

Are There Implications from the Frenzy over GameStop for Adam Feuerstein

The media focus on corrupt hedge fund short selling has not surprisingly turned to bloggers who are closely associated with short selling. The first casualty has been Andrew Left of Citron Research who was leading the charge on shorting GameStop and got hammered on his short position. The Wall Street Journal reports  that his firm […]