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Repligen: More Detailed Analysis on GE Decision to Manufacture Protein A

Overview GE Healthcare, announced plans to launch a new chromatography resin in the first half of 2018 which will not use Repligen as the manufacturer of the associated protein A ligand. This news led to a 14% decrease in stock price from $43.22 at the close on September 25 to a closing price of $36.98 […]

Repligen: Market Likes Spectrum Acquisition and So Do I  (RGEN, Buy, $43.20)

Investment Thesis I view the acquisition of Spectrum, Inc. as a significant positive for Repligen as I will discuss shortly. I have recommended Repligen consistently since my initiation report of December 4, 2012 at a price of $6.13. My belief at the time and continues to be that this is one of the best healthcare […]

Repligen: A Business Update and Reiteration of Buy (RGEN, Buy, $34.11)

Investment Overview and Thesis A Long Buy Recommendation of Mine I first recommended Repligen in an initiation report in December 2012. At the time and on many occasions since, I have described its business model as being one of the very best I have seen. On a macro-basis its business sail is driven by the […]

Repligen: Very Strong Growth in Sales and Earnings Continues (RGEN, 29.37, Buy)

Investment Thesis Repligen’s operating business results continue to be very strong as second quarter bioprocessing sales increased 36%. For perspective, full year bioprocessing revenues increased 38% in 2015 and 27% in 2014. The guidance for 2016 calls for a 21% to 26% increase, which probably is conservative. Management has not commented on 2017, but my […]

Repligen: A Detailed Update; Recent Price Drop Makes Me More Positive (RGEN, Buy, $28.50

Repligen’s Outstanding Business Model Repligen (RGEN) has gone through a metamorphosis that has dramatically changed its business model and investment outlook. For many years, it was a small biotechnology company focused on drug development but it was also quietly building a high quality bioprocessing business that provides consumable products used in the manufacturing of biological […]

Repligen: Fundamentals Are Exceptional But The Stock Carries A Premium Valuation (RGEN, $39.97, For Paid Subscribers)

Investment Thesis When I wrote my first report  on Repligen on December 4, 2012, I concluded that Repligen had one of the best business models that I have seen in the Life Sciences universe and that management was doing an excellent job of execution. This has cetrainly been reflected in the stock price which has risen […]

Repligen: Revenues for 2014 are Above Expectations and Guidance for 2015 is for Strong Growth (RGEN, Hold/ Buy, $23.84)

Repligen reported preliminary, unaudited revenue of $63-$63.5 million for 2014. Product revenues came in at $60 to $60.5 million which compared to previous guidance of $56 to $58 million. In addition, revenues from out-licensing of legacy biotechnology products added $3.0 million. This represents an increase in product revenues of 26%-27%. I estimate that the purchase […]

Repligen Makes An Excellent Acquisition (RGEN, Hold/ Buy, $19.04, free content)

The Bioprocessing Business of Refine Technology Repligen (RGEN) has just announced the acquisition of Refine Technology. The primary reason for the acquisition was to acquire its Alternating Tangential Flow System. This is a filtration device used to continuously remove waste from fermenters during biomanufacturing. This system can increase cell densities in the fermenters by 2 […]

Thoughts on the Market Correction in Biotechnology Stocks

This Has Been a Tough Correction The recent sharp market correction and rotation out of growth stocks like biotechnology and technology has had a major impact on the small biotechnology names that I specialize in. The correction has been stomach churning for me even though I have been through this many times before. I am […]

Repligen Has an Outstanding, Stable Business and Excellent Long Term Growth Potential (RGEN, Hold/ Buy, $14.07, Paid Subscribers Only)

Investment Background and Company Overview I think that Repligen’s (RGEN) bioprocessing business is one of the best business models that I have seen in my many years as an analyst. Its products are used in the manufacturing of biologic drugs; they enjoy incredibly long life cycles because changing the manufacturing process for a biological product […]