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What Will Happen to SmithOnStocks

I want to thank people who expressed their appreciation for my research over the years upon learning that I was refunding subscriptions. Some are wondering what I will do from now on. I do not intend to fade away. I just enjoy learning about new companies and technologies too much. I will keep my website open and I will continue to write on companies that I am closely associated with such as NWBO, CYTK, CYRX and ATRS. I may also write on other biotech companies on which I have been doing extensive research and perhaps non-biotech companies. The reports will be much shorter than I have done in the past, a few paragraphs instead of pages.

I will also continue to work on illegal naked shorting. I truly believe that this is at the heart of one of the largest criminal enterprises on earth, the manipulation of security prices through collusion of Wall Street investment banks and hedge funds. There now or will soon exist the technology to stop this practice. As I have discussed in prior reports, Wall Street firms totally control trading and clearing of securities through DTCC and Its subsidiary CEDE. The DTCC is a private company owned by Wall Street firms and is at the heart of illegal naked shorting. All of this is done in total darkness. Blockchain technology can replace Wall Street’s iron grip on trading and clearing securities and it will. You can’t believe the power of this technology. I don’t claim to understand how it works but I have listened to enough brilliant people to intuit where it is going. Just as the internet has and continues to disrupt industry after industry, so will the blockchain disrupt Wall Street firms and many other entrenched, tired institutions like banks, other financial intermediaries, universities, ad infinitum. Wall Street firms have enormous financial and political power and will fiercely resist efforts to implement blockchain trading, but it will happen.

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