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About Subscriptions

Subscription Basis

I have been building content for my website for over two years and this draws on a knowledge base that comes from over 25 years of experience as a Wall Street analyst covering literally hundreds of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. In building the SmithOnStocks brand, I have provided all of the content on my website for free and have also provided excerpts of my reports on Seeking Alpha. Each of my reports involves detailed analysis of companies that involve in-depth discussions with managements and can take as long as two months to prepare. I am now asking for a subscription fee to obtain access to these detailed reports.

My reports give investors who are skilled in biotechnology investing and those not so skilled, the information needed to understand the companies and to provide a platform for additional research. I almost always advise investors on my investment thinking on a stock, but investors are empowered to weigh the facts and make an independent judgment. In-depth knowledge of a company does not assure investment success, but without it, investors are gambling and not investing. Most of my reports deal with smaller biotechnology companies that are not well understood.

I am charging an annual subscription fee of $149.99 or a monthly subscription fee of $24.99. This gives full access to new reports that I publish in that time frame. I will continue to give free access to most of the older reports. I will also allow free access to comments that I make on my blog and a newsletter. For those who want more personal access, I offer subscriptions whose prices are determined by the amount of work involved.