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Cryoport: Strength in Stock

The meaningful increase in today's price appears to be due to the reported approval of Gilead's CAR-T drug Yescarta in China.

On another matter, CEO Jerry Shelton (for whom I have great respect) has said that the company's goal is to reach $650 million of sales in 2025 through organic growth.  Acquisitions could increase this. The Company reported 43.8 million shares outstanding in the latest 10-Q. In addition, it is likely that an additional 16.5 million shares could (and almost certainly will) be issued from options, warrants and convertible securities. So let's say that there are really 60.3 million shares outstanding. Based on current valuations of premier growth stocks like CYRX, I could see the stock selling at 20 to 30 times revenues in 2025, This translates into a $13 billion to $20 billion market capitalization. In stock price terms this would be $215 to $330 per share.

The detailed assumptions underlying this forecast have not been disclosed and needless to say current valuations may not be reflective of those in 2025. Take this with a grain of salt. I just thought I would throw it out.

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