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Neuralstem: An Update on Its Pipeline and Supporting Clinical Trials (CUR, Neutral, $1.00)

Purpose of this Report Neuralstem has been silent for nearly three months on when the critical phase 2b trial of its NSI-566 neural stem cells in ALS might begin and on providing details of the trial design. This silence may about to be broken as the Company has just announced that it will be presenting […]

Neuralstem: My Analysis of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Results for NSI-566 Neural Stem Cells in ALS Indicates Encouraging Signals of Efficacy (CUR, Buy, $1.25)

Putting This Report in Perspective  This is an extensive report that goes over the aggregate results of the phase 1 and 2 results for Neuralstem’s nSI-566 neural stem cells in ALS. I have also reported on the observations of Dr. Eva Feldman who is the principal investigator in these trials and is hopeful and optimistic […]

Neuralstem: A Closer Look at Encouraging Phase 2 Results for NSI-566 Neural Stem Cells in Treating ALS (CUR, Buy, $2.36)

Observations about the Phase 2 Trial Results I spent the weekend thinking about the data released in the phase 2 trial and chose the word observation very carefully to describe my current thinking. The full results of the study will be published in a peer reviewed journal and/or presented at a major neurological medical conference. […]

Neuralstem: When Will We See the Phase 2 Data for NSI-566 in ALS? (CUR, Buy, $3.75)

Management has guided that the phase 2 data on 15 patients treated in the phase 2 trial of NSI-566 neural stem cells in the treatment of ALS will be released in 1Q, 2015, which of course has only three weeks remaining. My guess is that we will see the results on Wednesday March 11. Why? […]

Some Observations on Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO), Neuralstem (CUR), Cytokinetics (CYTK) and Immuno-Cellular (IMUC) from Their Presentations at BIO CEO.

The BIO CEO Conference is being held in New York at the Waldorf Astoria on February 9 and 10 with a broad agenda of companies. You can go the websites of each company to hear their presentations. This note gives some highlights from the first day. Northwest Biotherapeutics; A paper discussing results from the phase […]

Notes from Neuralstem Presentation at Biotech Showcase Conference, January 13, 2015 (CUR, Buy, $3.09)

Richard Gar, CEO of Neuralstem (CUR), made a presentation at Biotech Showcase Conference in San Francisco on January 13, 2015. So far, everything seems to be trending positively in the trials. The Company is roughly on schedule with its clinical trials that are currently ongoing in four different disease states. The NSI-566 neural stem cells […]

Neuralstem: An Update on Potential Catalysts for 2015 (CUR, Buy, 3.38)

Overview and Investment Thinking I wrote a report on Neuralstem on August 26, 2014 in which I projected the timing of important investment catalysts for 2015. This is an update of that report although there have been no significant changes since then. I think that the phase 2a data from the trial of the Company’s NSI-566 […]

Weakness in Neuralstem Caused by Seeking Alpha Article Presents a Buying Opportunity (CUR, $2.69, Buy)

This is an updated version of a blog that was published on October 20th. A Seeking Alpha article on results from a phase 2a trial of GM 640, a drug being developed by the privately held company Genervon, led to an unwarranted sharp decline in the price of Neuralstem. SA failed to understand that this […]

Neuralstem: Previewing Upcoming Important Events and Some Thoughts on the StemCell Patent Infringement Lawsuit (CUR, $3.62 Buy, August 26, 2014)

Key Points The phase 2 trial of NSI-566 in 15 ALS patients has completed enrollment (surgeries) and final topline data could be available in 1Q, 2015. However, there may be some interim data released at the ANA meeting during October 12 through 14. If the phase 2 data is compelling, it raises the possibility of […]

Neuralstem: Phase 1b Results for NSI-189 are Very Encouraging but It Is Early Days (CUR, Buy, $4.38, For paid subscribers)

Investment Thesis on Neuralstem I continue with my long standing buy on Neuralstem that is almost entirely based on the potential for its neural stem cell product NSI-566 in the treatment of ALS. Recently, encouraging phase 1b results have been reported for the small molecule drug NSI-189 in the treatment of major depressive disorder. These […]