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Expert Financial Analysis and Reporting

About SmithOnStocks - Site Navigation

Hopefully, you will find the site to be straightforward but I thought that a few comments might aid in navigation.

How to Subscribe

This website is fully open to subscribers. Non-subscribers can not access certain parts of the site. To subscribe, click on the subscribe button in the upper right hand corner of the website. All credit card payments are processed through Authorize. Net, an experienced credit card processing company that uses state of the art security measures. The subscription fee for six months of useage is $25.00. Alternatively, individual reports can be purchased for $5.00. In subscribing, it is optional to fill in all of the information asked for beyond the name, credit card number, expiration date and certain contact information so that can this be a quick process. 


The Log-In function is right next to the Subscription tab. Once you are a member, you can access all parts of the website.


About Us- About the Author

I describe my background and the experiences that have shaped my approach to analysis and investing.

About Us- Investment Aproach

This discusses the key elements of my investing philosophy.


About Us- Terms & Conditions

I would urge everyone to closely read the Terms & Conditions section. I know that the legalese makes this tough going, but it is important for you to understand the conditions of subscribing.

About Us- Disclosures

The disclosures section describes requirements for disclosing stock positions of employees and the conditions under which stocks that are written about can be bought and sold by employees.


Company Reports

This is the heart of the website that lists reports that I have written on each company. You can click on a company name to see a list of reports written on the company. Then by clicking on the A-Z button in the upper right hand corner, the reports are listed chronologically. Clicking on the other button results in the reports being listed chronologically.

Not all of my reports are created equal and they can vary widely in terms of content and insight. Some are just brief notes from a conference or telephone call that are reportorial, have minimal analytical content and may offer no investment view. Others are much more in depth and do have an analytical perspective and investment conclusion.


Some reports deal with companies that I follow closely and others are on companies that I follow with less intensity. I keep track of a large number of companies and cannot closely analyze each of them at all points in time. However, I believe that there is some value in even the most innocuous of contacts on a company that is not closely followed. I often find great value in looking back (sometimes years later) to see if the company has done what it said it would do. It is also the case that I may follow a company for months or years before I feel that it has reached a point at which I want to begin aggressive coverage and possibly make a recommendation.



This is the most interactive part of the site and offers a continual flow of comments on recent events, particularly for companies that I am actively involved with. I welcome and encourage comments from readers. Hopefully, this will evolve into a forum where many views are expressed apart from my own.


I have found that there are very bright people on the web who can bring valuable insights into companies. Hopefully this forum will bring from others important and unique points of view that I have not considered. I encourage different and dissenting postings as long as they are presented in a civil manner.


Members- Investment Thesis

Subscribers can see my investment opinions on companies in the Investment Thesis section. There are three possible recommendations on a stock, buy, hold or sell and this is the nomencalture that i use. However, on my hold recommendations I will sometimes indicate whether I have a bias toward buy or sell. On some companies on which I write, I may have no opinion if I just beginning research.


Members- Excel documents

This section contains the spreadsheets that I create for the companies that I cover.For those who are not familiar with Excel, once you open a document, you will see tabs at the bottom of the page that are labeled income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and in some cases there will be additional tabs that deal with product projections. Clicking on this tab will open that section of the spreadsheet.

For small biotechnology companies, I keep track of balance sheet and cash flow trends as cash management is a key aspect of investing decisions. On larger companies, I usually have details on product trends. These spreadsheets are the same as I use in my analysis. They have not been altered or condensed for the website.


Member-Model Portfolio summarizes my recommendations. Almost all of the companies that I write on have technologies and products that I believe have the potential to make that company an interesting investment at some point in time. However, this does not mean that every company will have a Buy recommendation. I try to limit the number of model portfolio recommendations to those in which I have the most conviction.


Member- Newsletter is a periodic publication for subscribers. There is no set time frame or agenda for newsletter publications and subjects can vary widely.

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If you elect, you will receive a notification when there is new report or newsletter. This is open to both subscribers and non-subscribers.


This allows you to search for key words that appear reports. The site will then take you to reports that contain those words.

Recent Reports

The most recent reports are listed in this section. By clicking on the A-Z button the reports are listed alphabetically. Clickning the other button results in the reports being listed chronologically.

Catalysts and Events

Investors like to be aware of upcoming catalysts and events that could affect stock prices and this is what this section addresses. By clicking on the A-Z button the reports are listed alphabetically by company. Clicking the other button results in the reports beng listed chronologically.