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Encouraging Comments on DCVax-L from a Key Opinion Leader

If you haven't already seen it, there is video posted on You Tube in which a key opinion leader (KOL) made some brief comments on DCVax-L. See this link.  Note that comments on DCVax-L start at about 1:45 in. The KOL was Dr. Steven Brem, Professor of Neurosurgery, Chief Neurosurgical Oncology, Co-Director Penn Brain Tumor Center, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. Obviously, these are impressive credentials.

His remarks were very brief, but encouraging. I have written extensively on the strong inference that can be drawn from blinded data from the phase 3 DCVax-L trial that patients appear to be living meaningfully longer than on standard of care.  See my report   Why I Believe there is a High Probability for Approval of DCVax-L.  Dr. Brem pointed to this also. I have long suggested that DCVax-L could be a major advance in treating glioblastoma multiforme and potentially could be as important to cancer treatment as CAR-T. While the first indication is for glioblastoma, the technology is potentially applicable to all solid tumors in which surgical resection is possible. Aside from efficacy, an extremely interesting aspect of DCVax-L is a modest side effect profile which is comprised mainly of chills, fever and injection site reaction which are often seen with a flu vaccine and can be treated with OTC medicines. This is in sharp contrast to dangerous, sometimes life threatening side effects seen with almost all other cancer treatment approaches.

NWBO is an undiscovered investment story as there are no (to my knowledge) Wall Street analysts following it. I think that I am the only analyst who has followed this stock for several years and has written extensively on it. I do not have a broad based following so in essence, investors have very little awareness and virtually no knowledge of DCVax-L. It is very encouraging to hear these brief, but highly encouraging comments from a KOL who has first hand knowledge.







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