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Post archive for ‘Smith On Stocks Blog’

Updates on My Investment Opinion for 15 Stocks I Follow Closely

Report Overview This blog gives a quick update on my thinking on the 15 stocks which I cover. In most cases, it just offer my opinion with a few supporting thoughts and provides a link to more extensive articles. Also, the reports section of my website has other in-depth reports that you may want to […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO): Some Thoughts about the Appointment of Two New Board Members

Purpose of the Report Northwest Biotherapeutics announced on January 25 that it is adding two new members to its current five member Board of Directors with the appointment of Ms. Susan Bayh and Mr. Cofer Black as independent Directors.  Neither Ms. Bayh nor Mr. Black has had dealings with or worked with the Company previously. […]

My Current Thoughts on 13 Stocks I Cover and the Investment Outlook for the Market

Purpose of This Report This report is being written at a time of panic in the market in which a sharp drop in the stock market indices has set off a much steeper plunge in the stock prices of emerging biotechnology companies which are the focus of SmithOnStocks. In this volatile and depressing environment, there […]

Martin Shkreli Arrested; This Could Be A Major Catalyst for Small Biotechnology Stocks

Bloomberg reported that Martin Shkreli was arrested at his home this morning (December 17) on charges of securities fraud; his lawyer was also arrested. I recently wrote that Shkreli and his colleagues appeared to blatantly manipulate the stock price of KaloBios. See my article KaloBios: The Fascinating Story of the Takeover of the Company by Martin […]

Why Biotechnology Investing is So Difficult: Cytokinetics is a Case Study (free article)

Overview I just finished publishing a detailed article for subscribers to my website detailing my view that Cytokinetics offers asymmetric upside potential. I thought that non-subscribers might be interested in a part of that article that went through the trials and tribulations of my long standing buy (two and one half years) on the stock. It […]

KaloBios: The Fascinating Story of the Takeover of the Company by Martin Shkreli and His Hedge Fund Buddies (KBIO, $18.25, I would not touch this stock)

Investment Thesis and Overview KaloBios (KBIO) announced on November 13 that it was ceasing operations and had engaged a restructuring firm to help liquidate its assets. Management said they were unable to find a strategic partner interested in licensing or acquiring its technology and the Company had only around $5 million of cash. The stock […]

Valeant Pharmaceuticals: What A Sordid Story (VRX, $93.77)

My View on Valeant I have been asked about my feelings on Valeant. I would start out by saying that I have done no detailed research on Valeant and have no existing recommendation nor any investment in the stock. I have no dog in this hunt and my views are based on news reports that […]

Review of SmithOnStocks Recommendations; August 17, 2015

Purpose of Report I am leaving on vacation and will be back on August 27, 2015; you won’t hear from me until then. As the second quarter conference calls and accompanying updates are almost behind us, I thought I would provide a quick summary of where I stand on the15 companies I cover. These are […]

Comments on Agenus, ImmunoCellular, Discovery Laboratories, Neuralstem, Kite and Juno

SmithOnStocks Mailbox  Comments on Agenus, ImmunoCellular, Discovery Laboratories, Neuralstem, Kite and Juno About the Mailbox: My mailbox comments are brief notes on stocks in which I am involved. They can come from recent events or from subscribers’ questions. Comments are meant to address specific issues about these stocks and are not full and balanced reports. […]

Implication of the Juno Celgene Deal for Emerging Immuno-Oncology Biotechnology Stocks in General and Northwest Biotherapeutics in Particular

The Terms of the Juno Celgene Deal Celgene and Juno announced a ten year collaboration for drug development using CAR-T therapy for both cancer and autoimmune diseases. Celgene has the option to commercialize Juno programs outside North America and co-promote certain programs globally. Juno has the option to co-develop and co-promote select Celgene programs. Celgene […]