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Tag archive for ‘AB Rated Generic to EpiPen’

Antares: Highlights from 2Q, 2019 Conference Call (ATRS, $3.29, Buy)

Introduction I have heard encouraging comments on my recently announced approach of doing shorter, less pedantic reports on new companies. This is so much so that I am extending this approach to companies that I have actively covered for some time and in this case Antares Pharma. For a Martian with no knowledge of Antares, […]

Antares: Xyosted is Approved; Let the Good Times Roll (ATRS, Buy, $3.77)

Investment Thesis At Last, Three Major Product Approvals in 2018 It has been a torturous wait for Antares’ very promising pipeline to advance to commercialization, but the time has finally come. Antares and its partner Teva received approval for an AB rated generic to EpiPen on August 16, 2018 and Antares and its partner AMAG […]

Antares Pharma: This Small, Emerging Biotechnology Company Is Poised for Explosive Growth Based on Five Major New Product Introductions by 2020 (ATRS, Buy, $3.02

Investment Thesis Antares is one of my top recommendations based on its extremely impressive pipeline prospects. In a March 23, 2017 report Antares: Pipeline is Bursting with Late Stage Products (ATRS, $2.77, Buy)  I did an in-depth analysis that goes over my assumptions and resultant projections in great detail for the five partnered products and two […]

Antares: Some Key Points from 3Q, 2016 Conference Call (ATRS, Buy, $1.84)

Investment Opinion In my opinion, Antares is substantially undervalued. My price target is $6 60 in 2018. The thinking behind this was explained in my April 22, 2016  report “An Outstanding Product Pipeline Promises Dramatic Growth Through 2022” (see this link)  If you are unfamiliar with the Company or need to be refreshed, I would suggest […]

Antares: Updates on QST and AB Generic to EpiPen; Reiteration of Buy Recommendation (ATRS, Buy, $1.65)

Overview and Investment Opinion In my opinion, Antares is substantially undervalued. My price target is $6 60 $8 in 2018 and the thinking behind this was explained in my April 22 report An Outstanding Product Pipeline Promises Dramatic Growth Through 2022 Antares: An Outstanding Product Pipeline Promises Dramatic Growth Through 2022 (ATRS, Buy, $0.92) The stock […]

Antares; Are Mylan’s Woes A Potential Positive for AB Rated Generic to EpiPen (ATRS, $1.37, Buy)

You cannot turn on the business news channels without hearing extensive comments and condemnation by pundits and politicians about Mylan’s aggressive price hikes on EpiPen. Investors are asking if this could somehow expedite approval of Antares/Teva’s AB rated generic to EpiPen. As far as I know, Teva has not yet submitted a response to the Complete […]

Antares: Undeterred by the Poor Stock Performance I Continue to Pound the Table (ATRS. Buy, $1.30)

Upcoming Catalysts This is a detailed note updating my thinking on Antares and discussing how I come up with my 2017 price target range of $3.25 to $10.00; the latter is based on Antares being acquired (probably by Teva). Additionally, I wanted to make you aware of three catalysts that could bolster investors’ confidence. There […]

Antares: An Update on My Investment Thinking (ATRS, Buy, $1.33)

Investment Thesis This has been a very disappointing year for Antares investors; the stock closed at $2.57 on December 31, 2014 and as of the close on November 5, 2015 has been nearly cut in half to $1.33. The current market capitalization is $200 million. The three key issues dominating the price in 2014 and […]

Antares: The Stock Price Does Not Reflect the Fundamentals (ATRS, $1.60, Buy)

Introduction Antares recently updated its corporate presentation on their website. .There were several slides in the presentation that reinforce my confidence in my positive investment outlook which is based on three key components: (1) the Otrexup launch gaining traction, (2) approval of an AB rated generic version of EpiPen and (3) a deep and promising […]

Quick Take on Antares Following 2Q, 2015 Conference Call (ATRS, Buy, $2.10)

Investment Opinion Antares stock has been pummeled by the “so far” disappointing launch of Otrexup and uncertainty as to when or if the AB rated generic to EpiPen will be approved. I think that investors will become more confident in the potential for Otrexup by the end of the year and that there is a […]