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Tag archive for ‘InSite Vision’

Thoughts on the Market Correction in Biotechnology Stocks

This Has Been a Tough Correction The recent sharp market correction and rotation out of growth stocks like biotechnology and technology has had a major impact on the small biotechnology names that I specialize in. The correction has been stomach churning for me even though I have been through this many times before. I am […]

InSite Vision: DOUBle Trial Results are Disappointing-What Comes Next? (INSV.OB, $0.33)

Summary and Investment Thesis InSite Vision (INSV.OB) just reported that topline results for AzaSite Plus and DexaSite in the DOUBle trial were disappointing and failed to meet the primary endpoint of that trial. Clinical trials can fail because the drug(s) is ineffective, but they can also fail because of trial design and there are good […]

InSite Vision: An Over-looked Company with Two Interesting Drug Candidates and a Big Upcoming Catalyst (INSV.OB, $0.31)

Results of the Important DOUBle Trial Are Imminent During the May 8th quarterly conference call, management said that enrollment in the phase III DOUBle trial had completed and topline results should be available in late 2Q, 2013. This trial is evaluating AzaSite Plus, AzaSite, DexaSite and DuraSite in blepharitis. If AzaSite Plus wins in this […]

Besivance Royalty Deal Extends InSite’s Cash Runway (INSV.OB, $0.31)

InSite Vision(INSV.OB) announced that it agreed to sell its royalty stream on future sales of Besivance, a product that is marketed by Bausch & Lomb. The Company will receive $15 million upon closing and an additional $1 million if certain undisclosed sales levels are met by February 2014. The deal was done with SWK Holdings […]

InSite Vision: Positive Phase III Trial Results for BromSite Reduces Much of Downside Risk in the Stock (INSV.OB, $0.30)

BromSite Results are Strikingly Positive in First Phase III Trial InSite Vision (INSV.OB) just announced top-line results from its first phase III trial of BromSite which is indicated for the reduction of inflammation and pain after cataract surgery. BromSite is the anti-inflammatory drug bromfenac delivered with the Company’s proprietary DuraSite drug delivery system; it was […]

InSite Vision: Upcoming Results on the DOUBle Trial May Not Be as Binary as I Have Been Thinking

I met with the CEO, Tim Ruane, and CFO, Lou Drapeau, of InSite Vision (INSV.OB) in early January during my trip to the JP Morgan conference in San Francisco. I have written an extensive introductory report and follow-up reports on my website. I would refer investors to those reports for a more in-depth analysis of […]

InSite Vision: Upcoming Topline Results from Clinical Trials Presents a Buying Opportunity (INSV.OB, $0.34)

Investment Overview and Opinion In the first half of 2013, InSite Vision (INSV.OB) will release significant topline data from two phase III trials involving three new products: BromSite, AzaSite Plus and DexaSite. Topline data for the first of two phase III trials of BromSite to treat pain and inflammations following cataract surgery likely will be […]

Hitting Major Milestones is Driving InSite’s Price (INSV.OB, $0.40)

Investment Summary InSite Vision (INSV.OB) has an aggressive and capable management team that continues to impressively execute on its game plan, expand the business model and maximize outcomes for shareholders. I wrote a detailed report on the company on June 19, 2012, in which I estimated a price target range of $1.70 to $2.50 by2018. […]

InSite Vision: Initiation of Coverage on Promising Late Stage Ophthalmology Company (INSV, $0.30)

Report Overview The core technology of InSite Vision is its DuraSite delivery system that delivers drugs more effectively to the eye. The continual blinking of the eye can quickly wash out topical formulations and in order to retain effective drug levels in eye tissue, most drugs have to be given four to eight times per […]

InSite Vision: Initiating Coverage on a Promising Company with a Robust Late Stage Product Portfolio

I have just published a new report and initiated coverage of InSite Vision (INSV, $0.30) with a Buy. The core technology of InSite Vision is its DuraSite drug delivery system that delivers drugs more effectively to the eye. The continual blinking of the eye can quickly wash out topical formulations and in order to retain […]