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Tag archive for ‘Trius Therapeutics’

Possible Impact of Merck Acqusition of Cubist on the Trius CVR

I was just asked about the potential impact on the value of the Trius CVR of the Merck acquisition of Cubist. You may recall that when Trius was acquired, Trius shareholders received $1.00 for each share that they tendered. If Syvestro (tedizolid) sales in the US, Europe and Canada reach $125 million in 2016  we get […]

Trius: Will there be a Higher Bidder and what is the CVR Worth? (TSRX; $14.10)

What is the CVR Worth? I wanted to address some additional points in regard to the proposed acquisition of Trius (TSRX) by Cubist (CBST). In my earlier note of July 31, I had not yet analyzed the terms of the CVR which are that Trius shareholders will receive $1.00 for each share that they tender […]

Trius Therapeutics to be Acquired by Cubist (TSRX: $13.66)

Implications for Trius Shareholders Cubist Pharmaceuticals (CBST) and Trius Therapeutics, Inc. (TSRX) announced that they have signed a definitive agreement under which Cubist will acquire all outstanding shares of Trius for $13.50 per share in cash. In addition, Trius shareholders will receive a Contingent Value Right that entitles Trius shareholders to receive up to $2.00 […]

Thoughts on the Growing Crisis of Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics

Investment Overview We hear constantly from the media about problems with bacterial resistance to antibiotics. I think that this is an indication that we have reached the point at which society will collectively decide to declare a war on resistant bacteria that could provide the same impetus to the development of anti-microbial drugs that the […]

SmithOnStocks Opines on Stocks May 19, Edition

One Approach for Investing in Emerging Biotechnology Stocks I write on biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, but I have spent much of the last year focusing on small biotechnology companies ranging in size from as low as $50 million in market about $400 million. There is much less analyst and investor attention […]

Trius Therapeutics: Newly Allowed Patent Provides Important New Dimension to Investment Outlook (TSRX, $8.50)

Investment Thesis Trius announced an important new development today that bolsters my investment case for Trius (TSRX) and I continue with my Buy on the stock. In a recent report, I explained why I thought that Trius could potentially reach $40 per share in 2020. This bolsters the potential for achieving that lofty price target. […]

Trius: Clinical Trials Show Important Differentiation of Tedizolid from Zyvox (TSRX, $6.48)

Investment Summary and Opinion I attended Trius’ (TSRX) CEO Jeff Stein’s presentation at the BioCentury Conference in New York on April 5th; this note summarizes some key takeaway points, particularly on how clinical trial data differentiates tedizolid from Zyvox. I think that the clinical data underlying the upcoming NDA filing for tedizolid is solid and […]

Trius: Topline Data of Second Phase III Trial of Tedizolid is Eminent (TSRX, $6.76)

Investment Summary and Conclusion I began recommending Trius (TSRX) with an initiation of coverage report that was published in May of 2012 and I continue to recommend the stock. That report and three subsequent updates explain my thinking on the clinical and commercial potential of its lead drug tedizolid, an antibiotic that is effective against […]

Trius: Why Last Friday’s Equity Offering is good for the Stock (TSRX, $4.90)

Investment Opinion Trius (TSRX) completed an equity offering on Friday January 19 in which it sold 6.3 million shares at $4.465. I assume that the Green Shoe of 945,000 shares will be exercised and, if so, net proceeds to Trius will be $31.9 million. I calculate that the number of shares outstanding at the end […]

Trius Therapeutics: In an About Face, Congress is Helping Biotech Companies That Are Developing Antibiotics (TSRX, $5.54)

Investment Opinion In this report, I present my hypothesis as to why I believe that antibiotics development is in the rapid process of changing from an ignored area for Wall Street investors to one that may evoke the same keen interest as cancer drug development. I see the passage of the GAIN Act in October […]