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Are There Implications from the Frenzy over GameStop for Adam Feuerstein

The media focus on corrupt hedge fund short selling has not surprisingly turned to bloggers who are closely associated with short selling. The first casualty has been Andrew Left of Citron Research who was leading the charge on shorting GameStop and got hammered on his short position. The Wall Street Journal reports  that his firm will no longer be publishing short-seller reports on the heels of backlash to his recent public  short selling articles on GameStop Corp. Left was broadly attacked for his role in GameStop. Left has gained prominence as an advocate of short ideas, but he is a distant second to Adam Feuerstein in this regard. We are now beginning to see shots being leveled at F-stein. Here is a link to a blog from that takes dead aim at F-stein. Could he fall like Left? This will be interesting to watch.





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