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Post archive for ‘Smith On Stocks Blog’

Neuralstem: An Update on Potential Catalysts for 2015 (CUR, Buy, 3.38)

Overview and Investment Thinking I wrote a report on Neuralstem on August 26, 2014 in which I projected the timing of important investment catalysts for 2015. This is an update of that report although there have been no significant changes since then. I think that the phase 2a data from the trial of the Company’s NSI-566 […]

Cytokinetics: Takeaways from January 5, 2014 Conference Call (CYTK, Buy, $7.82)

Cytokinetics held a conference call on January 5th in which they added some detail on the collaboration with Astellas on CK-107 for the first indication of spinal muscular atrophy. I discussed this collaboration in a note on December 24, 2014 and you may want to read that note for more background. The Company provided some additional […]

Cytokinetics: With the Stock Up 63% in the Last Seven Trading Days, What Do We Do Now? (CYTK, $8.01, Buy)

The strength followed the announcement of a new collaboration agreement with Astellas on CYTK’s unique skeletal muscle activators program This added an important third product to CYTK’s portfolio of products in advanced human trials We may hear on a scheduled January 5 conference call if there is a path forward for a phase 3 trial […]

Current Investment Recommendations for Stocks Covered by SmithOnStocks; A Yearend Review

Overview This has been a tough year for many small emerging biotechnology firms. Many have been in a bear market while the market as a whole had a reasonable year. The group did very well in 2013 and early 2014 and kept pace with strong price performance by the larger biotechnology companies. In March of […]

Neuralstem: Some Encouraging, But Very Early, Information on Chinese Ischemic Stroke Trial Using NSI-566 Stem Cells (CUR, Buy, $2.59)

Purpose of This Blog I received this e-mail communication from a SmithOnStocks subscriber who has a good insight into the Chinese drug market and drug development. This is the first report of any kind that I have seen on patient outcomes in the trial of Neuralstem’s Chinese trial of NSI-566 stem cells in ischemic stroke […]

Antares: Responding to Two Questions on Teva’s AB Rated Competitor to EpiPen (ATRS, Buy, $2.44)

Purpose of the Blog I very much appreciate questions and feedback from subscribers to my website. I have had two recent questions that I have responded to that may be of interest to other investors interested in the  Teva collaboration with Antares to develop an AB rated generic equivalent to Mylan’s EpiPen. For more details […]

Antares: Highlights of CEO’s Presentation at Piper Jaffray Conference (ATRS, Buy, $2.46)

Overview I tuned in to the Antares presentation at the Piper Jaffrey conference on December 2, 2014 to listen to what the new CEO Eamonn Hobbs emphasized to investors in a short 15 minute presentation. He spent a lot of the time talking about Quick Shot Testosterone (QST), the new once a week subcutaneous injectable […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: Putting Recent Clinical Data on DCVax Direct in Perspective (NWBO, Buy, $5.37)

Immuno-oncology is one of the most exciting areas for cancer research and cancer vaccines should be considered as a promising research area within immuno-oncology. Cancer vaccines might have been expected to produce great investor interest, but a long string of clinical trial failures over the last decade has made investors cautious or skeptical. However, evidence […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: Capital Raise of $35 Million could be a Positive Catalyst for the Stock (Buy, $5.14)

Neil Woodford, a highly respected UK portfolio manager has just invested $25 million on very favorable terms and the Company has also received $10 million from a mortgage financing. This takes away the concern about financing that has been a lid on the stock. There is now a cash runway to see the Company through […]

Weakness in Neuralstem Caused by Seeking Alpha Article Presents a Buying Opportunity (CUR, $2.69, Buy)

This is an updated version of a blog that was published on October 20th. A Seeking Alpha article on results from a phase 2a trial of GM 640, a drug being developed by the privately held company Genervon, led to an unwarranted sharp decline in the price of Neuralstem. SA failed to understand that this […]