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Presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences on Final Results of Phase 3 DCVax-L Trial Showing Impressive Efficacy (Part 4) If The Phase 3 Data Is So Good, Why Hasn’t Northwest Issued A Press Release?

I have been getting a lot of questions on why Northwest Biotherapeutics has not issued press releases based on the presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences on the successful phase 3 trial of DCVax-L in both newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. Management has said nothing about this, but here is my speculation. Northwest has repeatedly stated that it wants to get the trial results published in a peer reviewed medical journal. Most, if not all, journals will not publish a manuscript on a trial if the company has previously released results through press releases. At this point, you are probably saying  wait a minute, the data presented at the New York Academy is already widely distributed in the public domain. I think that the answer to this paradox is that some (most) medical journals do not regard a presentation at a peer reviewed, scientific conference like the New York Academy in the same way as they would a press release by Northwest.

Here is my take. Northwest has been pursuing publication in a peer reviewed medical journal. I do not think they would have gone forward with the academy presentation if they felt that this would preclude publication. I can only speculate that they had good reason to believe that presentation at the academy would not jeopardize a publication in a peer reviewed journal. However, they would likely and rightly feel that any company related press releases might preclude publication.

If it were the case that NWBO had no hope of publishing results in a peer reviewed medical journal, they would almost certainly be trumpeting the highly positive results in press releases and through an active outreach to media. Their silence gives me confidence in my assertion that they are endeavoring to get the results published in a peer reviewed medical journal. If this is so, I have no idea on the time when they will know about the decision of the medical journal(s) and inform investors.

I know that it has been incredibly tough to finally see the top line data and to have it meet our most positive expectations only to see the wolfpack successfully attack the stock in an effort to convince investors that the trial results were disappointing. I know I am. However, I am heartened that we now know the data. Our day is coming. I see autologous dendritic T-cell therapy as potentially more important than the CAR-T therapy. It more directly targets tumor antigens associated with an individual's tumor and is much, much safer and easier to administer. More on this to come.

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