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Presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences on Final Results of Phase 3 DCVax-L Trial Showing Impressive Efficacy (Part 4) If The Phase 3 Data Is So Good, Why Hasn’t Northwest Issued A Press Release?

I have been getting a lot of questions on why Northwest Biotherapeutics has not issued press releases based on the presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences on the successful phase 3 trial of DCVax-L in both newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. Management has said nothing about this, but here is my speculation. […]

Presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences on Final Results of Phase 3 DCVax-L Trial Showing Impressive Efficacy (Part 3) Analyzing Hedge Fund Stock Manipulation Techniques

Introduction This note describes why I believe that the sharp downward price movement yesterday resulted from stock manipulation by a group of hedge funds that I call the wolfpack. It was a bold and frightening effort to make investors fear that the very positive news from the presentation at the academy was actually negative, In […]

Presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences on Final Results of DCVax-L Phase 3 Trial Showing Impressive Efficacy (Part 2) Incredibly Low p-Values on Median Overall Survival Endpoints

Earlier today, I put out the first of a series of reports that I plan to issue on this presentation. As I write this, the stock is down over $1.00 even through the results were extremely, extremely  impressive. The presenter of the paper stated that DCVax-L represented the first major advance in treating glioblastoma (GBM) […]

Presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences on Final Results of Phase 3 DCVax-L Trial Showing Impressive Efficacy (Part 1) Debunking Hedge Fund Misinformation

Overview The much anticipated presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences of final results of the phase 3 trial of DCVax-L in newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma was just completed. Investigators in the trial as well as questioners in the audience not affiliated with the trial described DCVax-L as a major advance in the […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO, $0.86, Buy) Addressing Key Questions Relating to the Possible Approval and Commercialization of DCVax-L in Glioblastoma Multiforme

Introduction The catalyst for writing this update was the MHRA certification of Northwest Biotherapeutics’ Sawston, UK plant for GMP production of DCVax-L for compassionate use. This was a critical step on the path to approval and commercialization of DCVax-L. Having taken pen in hand, I decided to update my reporting on other issues relating to […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: FDA Statement Regarding Use of External Controls in Clinical Trials is a Huge Positive

I put out a blog last week alerting subscribers that I am writing an update on Northwest Biotherapeutics. I continue to work on this report and hope to have it out soon, but I am compelled to address some late breaking news beforehand. As the report stood yesterday, I was highlighting as a major uncertainty […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics Issues Encouraging Update on Manufacturing Capabilities (NWBO, $1.59, Buy)

Introduction This report addresses three issues: The capability of the Sawston UK plant to manufacture Northwest Biotherapeutics’ dendritic cell vaccine in accordance with regulatory requirements and to scale up to manufacture it in substantial quantities. (Note that in the US, this product is referred to as DCVax-L, but may go by a different brand name(s) […]

Antares: The Future Looks Really, Really Bright (ATRS, Buy, $4.18)

Investment Thinking The fourth quarter conference call was very encouraging to me. The investment thesis is coming together much better and faster than I had hoped a year or so ago. Total sales for 2020 increased by 21%% to $149.6 million and the Company is guiding to a 17 to 33% increase in 2021 to […]

Cryoport: Update on My Investment Thinking (CYRX, Buy, $49.35)

Investment Thinking I believe that the stock of Cryoport can deliver exceptional returns over the next five, ten or more years. The current correction in the stock off of its January 22, 2021 high of $82.11 is disheartening, although these types of periodic corrections are inevitable in an investor’s life. You probably want to know […]

Repligen: Some Thoughts for 2021 (RGEN, $223.28)

Investment Overview I first recommended Repligen in an initiation report published on December 4, 2012  at a price of $6.12. Now selling at a price of $223, it has been a good recommendation. My original reason for recommending the stock was that its business model was to support manufacturing of biologics and in particular monoclonal […]