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Northwest Biotherapeutics’ Day Has Come at Last

I’m Back

Earlier this year I decided to end subscriptions to Researching and writing articles on biotechnology companies required a significant amount of time and effort that detracted from other things that I wanted to do. I am very curious by nature and get genuinely excited when learning new things. My interests include biology, of course, which drives the biotechnology and pharma companies that I focused on in my blog, but it doesn’t end there. I now spend anywhere from four to eight hours a day studying all manner of interesting subjects such as anthropology, history, paleontology, cosmology, relativity, quantum mechanics, and on and on. The Internet gives me access to thoughts of many brilliant people and it is just so stimulating to learn from them. This is exciting and as I approach the eighth decade of my life, I believe this is one of the most fulfilling periods

I know that there is a general feeling of doom and malaise given all the things that we humans are now going through- the pandemic and resultant problems, the Ukraine war, apocalyptic  concerns about the global warming that is occurring, the inflation brought on by unbelievably wrong monetary policy and fiscal over stimulation which poured money on the economy like rain from a hurricane, life altering crime in major cities, open southern border, fentanyl deaths, and more. It is hard not to feel despair at times. However, my studies have led me to believe that this is an incredible age of innovation and discovery. I think that knowledge is expanding exponentially. I think that in just a few years (say ten) that we will live in a world transformed and that we cannot imagine right now. This has the potential to solve the many intractable problems that we face and lead to a golden age. If so, there should be incredible investment opportunities over the next decade as innovation drives economic growth and stock prices.

I have cut back on writing, but not on research. I still keenly follow developments in biotechnology and will from time to time write articles that are free to anyone who may be interested. Those of you have followed my work know that there is no company on which I have done more work than Northwest Biotherapeutics. The number of articles published on my website attests to this. See this link. I believe we are now on the cusp of a string of major developments which will establish NWBO as a dynamic biotechnology company. I plan to address these on my blog.


My Bullish Stance on Muricidencel (formerly DCVax-L) Has Been Drowned Out by the Wolfpack

It has been my position that murcidencel (formerly known as DCVax-L) represents a major breakthrough and that it will become part of standard of care (SOC) in newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme (ndGBM); this would be the first improvement in SOC in 17 years. I also think that when added to the cancer drug temozolomide and radiation, it will become part of the first approved therapy for recurrent GBM (rGBM).

In terms of writing in depth reports I have been the lone positive voice on Wall Street supporting NWBO for these last several years. This small company should have been a Wall Street darling because if my analysis is correct, murcidencel ranks as one of the most commercially and medically important drugs ever developed by the biopharma industry. Moreover, the technology used to develop it could be applicable to all solid tumors giving NWBO an extremely interesting pipeline in oncology.

As striking as the drug development of murcidencel has been, even more striking is that the company has been ignored by institutional investors and sells for less than a dollar per share. Indeed, several times in the last few years, it has been under financial distress that have raised concerns about viability. What gives? I have frequently written about what I believe is a coordinated and criminal attack by hedge funds and market makers (I call these players the wolfpack) to manipulate the stock price. Using illegal naked shorting, algorithmic trading using spoofing and broad based fomenting on social media, they have been trying to bankrupt the company. I hypothesize that these bad acters may have 1 billion or more naked shorts outstanding. This would explain why they have been trying desperately to bankrupt the company as this is the only way to avoid a massive short squeeze.

I have been a tiny positive voice in the wilderness as wolfpack fomenters have repeatedly alleged that murcidencel failed the phase 3 trial and that CEO Linda Powers has been running a Ponzi scheme. This lying has been used as cover for massive illegal naked shorting that has been employed every time that NWBO makes a positive announcement. As Joseph Goebbels said “ A lie repeated once if just a lie, but a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth.” The aim of the wolfpack has been to make good news appear to be bad news. Nowhere is this more exemplified than on May 10 when unbelievably strong results were reported for the phase 3 trial of murcidencel at the New York Academy of Sciences only to see the stock plunge from a prior day closing price of $1.80 to an intraday low of $0.38. Some 77 million shares were traded on May 10 which compares to 1 million on a normal day. This was an awesome display of what spoofing algorithms can do. This is, of course, illegal.

I Now Feel Vindicated

Against all odds, CEO Linda Powers was able to successfully complete the phase 3 trial. With this I believe NWBO now has validation on the efficacy of murcidencel to break the back of the wolfpack attack through presenting overwhelming efficacy of murcidencel to the medical community and gaining their support. I point to three things that demonstrate that opinion leaders of the medical community validate my positive view on murcidencel.

A peer reviewed presentation on May 10th at the New York Academy of Sciences showed the outstanding results of murcidencel in ndGBM and rGBM for the first time. See this link for details.   Alarmingly, the wolfpack was still able to destroy the stock price by falsely claiming that the trial failed and launching a massive shorting attack. In my opinion, the stock should have more than doubled on this news.

The next important point of validation for  murcidencel will be a presentation by Dr. Linda Liau on November 20 at the Society for Neuro-Oncology Conference. She is a widely respected neuro surgeon, co-discoverer of murcidencel and lead investigator in the US on the phase 3 trial. As shown in the abstract, the conclusion of her talk is “Clinically meaningful and statistically significant survival extension was seen in both nGBM and rGBM patients treated with murcidencel and SOC compared with contemporaneous, matched external controls who received SOC alone.” This is the premier conference for physicians who treat brain tumors. The peer review of Dr. Liau’s talk and her oral presentation at the prestigious plenary session is a very powerful endorsement by key opinion leaders of the success of the phase 3 trial of murcidencel.

I am now awaiting publication of a peer reviewed article on the phase 3 trial in a leading medical journal such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Lancet, Annals of Oncology, Journal  of Clinical Oncology (published by ASCO), or the European Journal of Clinical and Medical Oncology. I am uncertain as to when this might occur, but it could be imminent. This could and should be the catalyst along with the past NYAS presentation and pending Society for Neuro-Oncology presentation by Dr. Liau that brings investors to realize that the criminal wolfpack disinformation campaign is based on a pack of lies.

The enthusiasm of the medical community is soon likely to be shared by investors.

Taking on the Wolfpack

The latest 10 Q has a new line that states "The Company is currently considering possibilities for legal actions against third parties who have attacked the Company." This implies that NWBO may be launching a lawsuit against the wolfpack. I am uncertain as to when this might occur, but it could be imminent. I would be excited to see this. We might see some wolfpackers doing a perp walk

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