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Discovery Laboratories: An Asymmetric Opportunity (DSCO, $2.07)

I have just published the first of a series of reports on Discovery Laboratories.

Instead of publishing an extensive report (which I have actually written), I thought that I would publish smaller excerpts that may be easier to digest. I am starting with the most important part that goes through my thinking on why the stock has asymmetric upside potential if Aerosurf is successfully developed. However, if Aerosurf fails, I think that Surfaxin and the marketing team that it has assembled to market Surfaxin in the US gives the Company the platform and potential to acquire other neonatology products and succeed as a specialty pharmaceutical Company

In future reports, I will provide an in-depth look at the issues that are important in understanding the Surfaxin launch. It is not just about putting a salesman in the field and knocking on the door or of a hospital. There are numerous other medical and reimbursement issues to deal with. I will also go through the market opportunity for Aerosurf and the clinical trial program that will hopefully allow the product to be marketed.

These reports are available to all paid subscribers to my website. You can sign up and receive this report or it can accessed for a payment of $29.99 which allows access to this report and all other published reports for a one month period.

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