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Archive for November, 2015

KaloBios: The Fascinating Story of the Takeover of the Company by Martin Shkreli and His Hedge Fund Buddies (KBIO, $18.25, I would not touch this stock)

Investment Thesis and Overview KaloBios (KBIO) announced on November 13 that it was ceasing operations and had engaged a restructuring firm to help liquidate its assets. Management said they were unable to find a strategic partner interested in licensing or acquiring its technology and the Company had only around $5 million of cash. The stock […]

Discovery Laboratories: Results for Aerosurf in Phase 2a Trial are Encouraging; Why Then Did the Stock Crash? (DSCO, Buy, $0.30)

Introduction This report discusses the results of Discovery Laboratory’s first in human, phase 2a trial of Aerosurf. In writing this report, I am assuming that the reader has an in-depth understanding of Aerosurf and its disease target. If you are new to the Company, I would strongly urge you to read my in-depth article of […]

Cytokinetics: I Predict Amgen Will Proceed to Phase 3 Trials with Omecamtiv Mecarbil (CYTK, Buy, $10.82)

Investment Thesis I continue with my long standing buy recommendation on the stock. I think a Buy at this level is justified by the prospects for omecamtiv mecarbil alone even if tirasemtiv were to fail in its phase 3 trial in ALS and CK-107 is not progressed in spinal muscular atrophy. Of course, I think […]

ZS Pharma: Astra Zeneca to Acquire ZS Pharma at $90 per Share-DARN (ZSPH, $90)

On Friday, November 9, 2015 Astra Zeneca entered into a definitive agreement to buy ZS Pharma in an all-cash tender offer for all outstanding shares of ZS Pharma common stock at a price of $90 per share. This values the Company at $2.7 billion or $2.5 billion if you subtract out $200 million of cash […]

Antares: An Update on My Investment Thinking (ATRS, Buy, $1.33)

Investment Thesis This has been a very disappointing year for Antares investors; the stock closed at $2.57 on December 31, 2014 and as of the close on November 5, 2015 has been nearly cut in half to $1.33. The current market capitalization is $200 million. The three key issues dominating the price in 2014 and […]

Valeant Pharmaceuticals: What A Sordid Story (VRX, $93.77)

My View on Valeant I have been asked about my feelings on Valeant. I would start out by saying that I have done no detailed research on Valeant and have no existing recommendation nor any investment in the stock. I have no dog in this hunt and my views are based on news reports that […]