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Post archive for ‘Company Reports’

2011 Is The Crucial Year for Provenge and Dendreon (DNDN, $34.59)

Summary and Overview Dendreon began the marketing of Provenge, its cancer vaccine for prostate cancer in May of 2010. Enthusiasm following approval drove the price of Dendreon to $56 on May 3, 2010. Subsequently, concerns arose that caused the stock to settle back into the mid to high $30s. In this note we go through […]

Telaprevir Has Significant Therapeutic and Blockbuster Sales Potential for Hepatitis C (JNJ, $64.95)

The landscape for treating hepatitis C virus is on the verge of dramatic change due to the development of new classes of drugs offering significant improvements in efficacy, convenience and tolerability over the current standard of care which is pegylated alpha interferon combined with ribavirin. The first of the new drugs are protease inhibitors: Vertex/JNJ’s […]

Abiraterone is Significant Advance in Prostate Cancer Treatment (JNJ, $64.11)

I recently recommended purchase of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) in a report on April 24, 2010 called Johnson & Johnson Looks Promising on New Product Potential. The major factor driving the recommendation is my view that JNJ will be launching two drugs with blockbuster potential in mid-2011. One of these is abiraterone, the subject of […]

An Analysis of 4Q, 2010 and A Look Forward (BDSI, $3.41)

BioDelivery Sciences is making steady progress in advancing its pipeline and also has set the stage for a pickup in Onsolis sales. It is rare that such a small market capitalization company combines both a currently marketed product with a promising pipeline. I am interested in the stock, but am not yet prepared to go […]

Initial Report (BDSI, $3.50)

I have just recently begun to follow BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI) and I am encouraged by the research that I have done. This is a small capitalization stock that has the potential to be an attractive investment. I have no current opinion on the stock, but here are my research findings so far.   Overview […]

Initial Report (CRIS, $1.92)

Summary and Overview Curis has demonstrated impressive drug development capability in the oncology space. However, it has followed a policy of licensing drugs early in development and passing development costs and risks on to the licensor. This de-risked the drug development for Curis, but at the cost of giving up significant economics. For example, its […]

1Q, 2011 Overview: Ofirmev is Experiencing Exceptionally Good Formulary Acceptance (CADX, $7.72)

I continue to recommend purchase of Cadence based on trends seen in the 1Q, 2011 period. The details of my recommendation are outlined in my report of March 13, 2011.   Overview and Stock Opinion I believe that Ofirmev meets a major unmet need for an alternative to narcotics and NSAIDs in the intravenous analgesic […]

Initial Report: Ofirmev Potential is the Basis for a Buy Recommendation (CADX, $7.10)

I am recommending purchase of Cadence Pharmaceuticals based on the promise of its recently launched intravenous analgesic, Ofirmev. Stock Opinion Cadence Pharmaceuticals achieved the dream of every emerging bio-pharmaceutical company when it received US approval for its first product Ofirmev on November 2, 2010; it was then launched on January 17, 2011. Ofirmev is an […]

Ipilimumab’s March 26 PDUFA Date Is Looming (BMY, $26.00)

The PDUFA date for ipilimumab is coming up on March 26th. This is an important component of BMY’s outstanding pipeline. I anticipate approval.   Ipilimumab is Up on the News Front- Will It Be Approved on Its March 26 PDUFA Date? I wrote that I believe that Bristol-Myers Squibb has an outstanding pipeline in my […]

Ipilimumab’s Approved Indications Exceed Expectations (BMY, $26.93)

I was expecting approval of ipilimumab for patients who had failed prior therapy. I was surprised that the FDA also approved it for treatment naive patients. The price of $120,000 for a course of therapy exceeded my projection of $50,000 to $60,000.   Key Points The FDA approval of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s new oncology drug Yervoy […]