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Archive for March, 2021

Could There Have Been Hundreds of Millions or Even More Than a Billion Counterfeit Shares of Northwest Biotherapeutics Created Through Illegal Naked Shorting?

I am often asked how I can hypothesize that there may be such an unbelievably large number of counterfeit shares of NWBO that have been created through illegal naked shorting? A look at the GameStop short squeeze gives a real world example suggesting that the hedge fund Melvin Capital could have been short the equivalent […]

Encouraging Comments on DCVax-L from a Key Opinion Leader

If you haven’t already seen it, there is video posted on You Tube in which a key opinion leader (KOL) made some brief comments on DCVax-L. See this link.  Note that comments on DCVax-L start at about 1:45 in. The KOL was Dr. Steven Brem, Professor of Neurosurgery, Chief Neurosurgical Oncology, Co-Director Penn Brain Tumor […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics Issues Encouraging Update on Manufacturing Capabilities (NWBO, $1.59, Buy)

Introduction This report addresses three issues: The capability of the Sawston UK plant to manufacture Northwest Biotherapeutics’ dendritic cell vaccine in accordance with regulatory requirements and to scale up to manufacture it in substantial quantities. (Note that in the US, this product is referred to as DCVax-L, but may go by a different brand name(s) […]

Antares: The Future Looks Really, Really Bright (ATRS, Buy, $4.18)

Investment Thinking The fourth quarter conference call was very encouraging to me. The investment thesis is coming together much better and faster than I had hoped a year or so ago. Total sales for 2020 increased by 21%% to $149.6 million and the Company is guiding to a 17 to 33% increase in 2021 to […]

Cryoport: Update on My Investment Thinking (CYRX, Buy, $49.35)

Investment Thinking I believe that the stock of Cryoport can deliver exceptional returns over the next five, ten or more years. The current correction in the stock off of its January 22, 2021 high of $82.11 is disheartening, although these types of periodic corrections are inevitable in an investor’s life. You probably want to know […]

Repligen: Some Thoughts for 2021 (RGEN, $223.28)

Investment Overview I first recommended Repligen in an initiation report published on December 4, 2012  at a price of $6.12. Now selling at a price of $223, it has been a good recommendation. My original reason for recommending the stock was that its business model was to support manufacturing of biologics and in particular monoclonal […]

Cytokinetics: Catalysts for 2021 (CYTK, $18.79)

Introduction I have shut down the subscription service for SmithOnStocks and have refunded subscription fees for those subscribers who paid their annual subscription fee in the period from August 2020 to February 2021. My payments provider, PayPal, didn’t allow for refunds to subscribers who paid in the March 2020 to July 2020 period. Those subscribers […]