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Tag archive for ‘Xyosted sales projections’

Antares: Xyosted Sales Projections for 2020 Through 2023 (ATRS, Buy, $2.62)

Sales Projections for Xyosted Xyosted just completed its sixth full quarter of sales since its launch in 4Q, 2018. Almost all product launches are difficult in this managed care environment. It often takes a year or so to get reimbursement issues partially resolved. Just as Xyosted got through this, the launch ran smack into the […]

Antares: Update on Sales Projections for Xyosted (ATRS, $3.30, Buy)

Investment Thesis I have seen seven plus months of data on prescription trends for Xyosted as estimated by the prescription auditing service Symphony. My confidence is strong that Xyosted is experiencing a very solid launch and is on its way to becoming a major success. I have developed a model that uses the Symphony data […]