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Tag archive for ‘methotrexate’

Antares (ATRS, Buy, $4.00) Why I Think That the Otrexup Launch Will Be A Success (Paid Subscribers Only)

Recent Price Behavior Antares’ (ATRS) price has drifted down since the approval of Otrexup for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis on October 14, 2013. Antares launched Otrexup on January 15, 2014 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and on March 3, 2014, its partner LEO launched Otrexup for psoriasis. Last October, the price […]

Antares: Thoughts on the Upcoming Otrexup Launch (ATRS, $3.64)

Investment Thesis Antares is preparing to launch Otrexup in January 2014; it is the first product it has ever introduced and investor attention is keenly focused on the launch. This post is not a comprehensive overview and if you would like to see more in-depth research on other aspects of the Company, I would refer […]

Antares: An In-Depth Look at Otrexup and Re-iteration of My Buy Recommendation (ATRS: $4.45) (Paid Subscribers Only)

Investment Overview and Thesis Antares has carved out an interesting niche in the pharmaceutical industry through building a drug delivery business based on sophisticated injection technologies. Large pharmaceutical companies have always been “oral dosage centric” in their development of dosage forms for their drugs. Their goal has almost always been to find a once a […]