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Tag archive for ‘CAR-T Therapy’

An Overview of Companies with a Major Presence in CAR-T Research

Investment Opportunity One of the areas that I want to focus my investment research on is CAR-T therapy. I believe that this is one of the most significant opportunities for new drug development over the coming decades and will produce some outstanding investment opportunities. The first two CAR-T drugs, Novartis’ Kymriah and Gilead’s Yescarta, were […]

Kite Pharma: Analysis of Six Month Data from ZUMA-1 That Led to 40% Price Increase (KITE, Neutral, $72.53)

Report Preface In the event that you are unfamiliar with acronyms used widely in this report such as CAR-T, DLBCL, TFL, ORR, CR etc. I would suggest that before going further that you click on this link for definitions. I often put what I consider to be key points, the investment opinion and target price at the […]

Kite Pharma Part 5: Detailed Research That I Have Done In Coming to My Opinion on Kite (KITE, Neutral, $$54.06)

Investment Opinion Kite will be reporting interim results of the phase 2, ZUMA-1 trial of its lead product KTE-C19 by the end of September. The most bullish analysts are projecting a very positive outcome in this trial that will result in approval in 2017 and sales of as much as $1 billion of sales by […]