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Tag archive for ‘CAR-T cells’

Kite Pharma Part 2: An Overview of CAR-T Cell Drug Development Efforts

Overview This section tries to give a brief, layman’s overview on the potential role of CAR-T cells in treating certain hematological cancers and the competitive dynamics for companies operating in this space. Kite’s first product is the CAR-T drug KTE-C19. Key Points; There are three CAR-T drugs in development from Kite, Juno and Novartis. They […]

CAR-T Companies-Kite (KITE, $55.09) and Juno (JUNO, $47.30): Is The Bloom Coming Off The Rose? Are Investor Expectations Unrealistic?

Introduction to This Thought Piece Emerging biotechnology stocks obviously are very hard to value on an absolute basis because they usually have no or minimal sales and huge operating losses. Many Wall Street analysts arrive at price targets by making long term sales and earnings projections; risk adjusting the estimates through predicting probability of successful […]

The Potentially Key Role of Northwest Biotherapeutics in the Emerging Immuno-Oncology Landscape (NWBO, Buy, $6.19)

Investment Overview Linda Powers was invited to the 7th Annual Phacilitate Immunotherapy Forum in Washington D.C. to speak on the potential role of personalized immunotherapy drugs in the treatment of cancer. She was prominently featured in the agenda as a speaker in which she explained Northwest’s business strategy and as a participant on a panel […]