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Tag archive for ‘Amnioexcel’

Derma Sciences: Close to Upgrading (DSCI, $4.54)

Investment Perspective With the failure of its biotechnology drug candidate aclerastide, Derma Sciences is abandoning drug development efforts. The Company has also signaled that it will slowly be phasing out of its Traditional Would Care (TWC) business which is based on commodity products including compression products, adhesive strips, impregnated dressings, wound closure and gauze. It […]

Derma Sciences: Highlights of the June 17th Analysts’ Meeting (DSCI, Buy, $11.07, Free content)

Price Target Thinking In my initiation report of January 31, 2014, I argued for a 2018 price target of $20 to $27 under the assumption that DSC-127, their new drug for wound healing, fails in phase 3 and development is abandoned. In this event, the valuation of the Company would be based on its attractive […]

Derma Sciences: An Update and Re-iteration of Buy Recommendation (DSCI, Buy $9.50, For Paid Subscribers)

Investment Perspective in Brief I am re-iterating my Buy recommendation on Derma Sciences (DSCI) as I believe that it presents an unusual and attractive biotechnology investment situation. DSC-127 is in a phase 3 trial for diabetic foot ulcers with topline results expected in early 2016. If successful in this trial I think that its sales […]

Ed Quilty, CEO of Derma Sciences, Outlines His Strategy to Build the Premier Wound Healing Company (DSCI, $12.00)

Investment Thesis I published an extensive report on Derma Sciences (DSCI) on January 31, 2014 in which I recommended purchase. I argued in that report that DSCI presents an unusual and attractive biotechnology investment situation. We are all aware of the binary outcomes of critical phase 3 trials in which a successful outcome usually leads […]