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Archive for September, 2016

Kite Pharma: Interpretation of Results from the Interim Look at ZUMA-1 (KITE, Neutral, $60.25)

Overview Kite released a press release with topline data on the interim look at the ZUMA-1 trial. This note interprets information presented in that press release and I would urge you to read it before going on. Key Points: The CR rate at three months for 51 r/r DLBCL patients was 33%. Kite has said […]

Kite Pharma Part 5: Detailed Research That I Have Done In Coming to My Opinion on Kite (KITE, Neutral, $$54.06)

Investment Opinion Kite will be reporting interim results of the phase 2, ZUMA-1 trial of its lead product KTE-C19 by the end of September. The most bullish analysts are projecting a very positive outcome in this trial that will result in approval in 2017 and sales of as much as $1 billion of sales by […]

Antares: Updates on QST and AB Generic to EpiPen; Reiteration of Buy Recommendation (ATRS, Buy, $1.65)

Overview and Investment Opinion In my opinion, Antares is substantially undervalued. My price target is $6 60 $8 in 2018 and the thinking behind this was explained in my April 22 report An Outstanding Product Pipeline Promises Dramatic Growth Through 2022 Antares: An Outstanding Product Pipeline Promises Dramatic Growth Through 2022 (ATRS, Buy, $0.92) The stock […]

Kite Pharma Part 4: A Preview of Highly Anticipated Results from Interim Look at ZUMA-1 (KITE, Neutral, $54.95)

Key Points: I think that an imminent press release dealing with topline results from an interim look at the ZUMA-1 trial will not have much meaningful data even though it is highly anticipated by investors. We will have to wait for the full data set that will be presented at American Society of hematology (ASH) […]

Kite Pharma Part 3: A Detailed Analysis of the Design of the All-Important ZUMA-1 Trial

Report Overview This is the third part of the series of reports that I have written on Kite Pharmaceuticals. I have chosen to publish smaller, more digestible parts of an extensive research analysis on Kite instead of one huge report. I hope this will make it easier for subscribers to work their way through what […]

Kite Pharma Part 2: An Overview of CAR-T Cell Drug Development Efforts

Overview This section tries to give a brief, layman’s overview on the potential role of CAR-T cells in treating certain hematological cancers and the competitive dynamics for companies operating in this space. Kite’s first product is the CAR-T drug KTE-C19. Key Points; There are three CAR-T drugs in development from Kite, Juno and Novartis. They […]

Kite Pharma: Part 1- Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Introduction I have been working on a report on Kite for over three months and have in front of me a rough draft that is about 60 pages long and still evolving. I can’t seem to get the report finished as new areas for investigation just keep coming up. I am also concerned that it […]

SmithOnStocks Investment Recommendations Summarized; September 12, 2016

PURPOSE OF REPORT Biotechnology investing is characterized by long periods of steady, sometimes frightening declines followed by periods of euphoria. We have been in a deep bear market for emerging biotechnology stocks for over a year that has taken a heavy toll on stock prices. It looks like this may be starting to turn as […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: My Hypothesis as to Why the Company Has Been Silent on Its Clinical Trial Programs and Why DCVax-L Might Succeed in its Phase 3 Trial (NWBO, Speculative Buy, $0.34)

Investment Thesis I have been pretty much silent on Northwest Biotherapeutics for some time. The reason is that as an analyst I can only interpret data and news flow and there has been nothing to interpret. The stock is selling at $0.34 down 95% from one year ago. The downward move is extreme but significant […]

Cytokinetics; Amgen and Servier Announce Decision to Move Omecamtiv Mecarbil into Phase 3 (CYTK, Buy, $12.07)

Amgen issued a press release today in which it announced that Servier had decided to exercise its option to commercialize omecamtiv mecarbil in chronic heart failure in Europe, Russia and certain other territories. The companies announced that the Phase 3 program of omecamtiv mecarbil will move forward in collaboration with Cytokinetics. I think that the gating […]