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Archive for January, 2014

Derma Sciences: An In-Depth Look at An Emerging Growth Stock (DSCI, $12.77) (Subscribers Only)

Investment Perspective in Brief Derma Sciences presents an unusual and attractive biotechnology investment situation. We are all aware of the binary outcomes of critical phase III trials in which a successful outcome usually leads to a dramatic increase in stock price (perhaps several fold), but failure can lead to a 50% or greater decrease in […]

Cadence: Patent Settlement With Sandoz Increases Confidence That Ofirmev Will Have Exclusivity Through December 6, 2020 (CADX, $10.98)

On January 30, 2014, Cadence (CADX) announced that it had entered into a settlement agreement with Sandoz to resolve pending patent litigation in regard to Ofirmev. Cadence has granted a license to Sandoz that allows that company to launch a generic on or after December 6, 2020. Cadence has two patents covering Ofirmev in which […]

SmithOnStocks Mailbox January 28, 2014

In my writing, I have found that there are some very smart people out there who have interesting questions and perspectives. I have decided to periodically share with subscribers questions asked of me and my response. Also, I will include comments on my articles that I find informative. This is the purpose of SmithOnStocks Mailbox. […]

Agenda for BIO CEO Conference

I will be attending the annual BIO CEO Conference in New York on February 10 and 11. I have included a link that shows the agenda for the presenting companies at the conference. The link is: Be sure to scroll down from the introduction page until you come to the page showing the schedule for […]

San Francisco Trip Is the Basis for a Preview of 2014 (Subscribers Only)

What SmithOnStocks Is All About It is traditional at the start of the year to go over stock picks for the coming year. It also is the time of the annual biotech “love in” in San Francisco, which I recently attended and that attracts some 30,000 biotech executives, analysts, venture capitalists and investors. I estimate […]

Agenus: Key Opinion Leader Support Builds for Prophage (AGEN, $3.27)

Can Cancer Vaccines Work? The issue of whether cancer vaccines are viable therapeutic candidates has been hotly debated by investors. A long string of previous cancer vaccine trial failures has led to widespread pessimism on Wall Street. There are some widely followed bloggers who are extremely negative on cancer vaccines and maintain (wrongly) that no […]

Thoughts on the Price Surge of Cytokinetics (CYTK, $8.75)

Cytokinetics has been on a tear this year. Is started the year at $6.72 and closed yesterday (January 10) at $9.58, this is a 43% increase in just over a week. So what is going on? I checked in with management and they could point to no recent announcement or event that would cause such […]

pSivida: Why I Think the Stock Could Do Very Well in 2014 (PSDV, $4.12) (Subscribers Only)

Highlights of Dinner Last night, January 9, pSivida held a dinner for analysts and investors in New York. The audience had a large number of retail investors and Dr. Paul Ashton; the CEO gave a general, introductory overview of the Company. However, Dr. Ashton did provide some useful information in regard to three potential catalysts […]

If You’re Going to San Francisco

This has always been one of my favorite songs and I love the lyrics. If you’re going to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair If you’re going to San Francisco You’re gonna meet some gentle people there For those who come to San Francisco Summertime will be a love-in there […]

Neuralstem: Sizing Up Potential Key Events of 2014 (CUR, $3.42)

Investment Thesis and Overview Neuralstem’s clinical trial programs and accompanying results for its two key drugs, the neural stem cell product NSI-566 (its lead drug) and its small molecule drug NSI-189, are picking up a good deal of momentum. This year holds the promise for several events that could continue to drive the stock. The […]