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Archive for January, 2013

Trius Therapeutics: In an About Face, Congress is Helping Biotech Companies That Are Developing Antibiotics (TSRX, $5.54)

Investment Opinion In this report, I present my hypothesis as to why I believe that antibiotics development is in the rapid process of changing from an ignored area for Wall Street investors to one that may evoke the same keen interest as cancer drug development. I see the passage of the GAIN Act in October […]

Discovery Laboratories Announces Changing of the Guard (DSCO, $2.21)

New Board and New CEO There has been a significant leadership change at Discovery Laboratories (DSCO) which has appointed a new CEO. In addition, changes have also resulted in an almost entirely new five member Board of Directors. Tom Amick has resigned as CEO and has been replaced by John Cooper, who was previously CFO. […]