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Tag archive for ‘Veltassa Launch’

Relypsa: Analyzing April Results of the Veltassa Launch (RLYP, Buy, $14.00)

Investment Overview Investors are closely watching the launch progress of Veltassa following its December 2015 introduction. Medicare and managed care have set up barriers to prescribing that makes getting a prescription filled for a new drug laborious and time consuming and sometimes futile. With very few exceptions, most new product launches have disappointed investors to the […]

Relypsa: Update Following 1Q, 2016 Conference Call (RLYP, Buy, $14.15)

Investment Thesis for Relypsa The investment issues for Relypsa are complex. Its key drug Veltassa was launched in December of 2015 so that we are now about five months into the launch. Over the last several years it has become increasingly apparent that there is a new paradigm for drug introductions. Managed care has been […]