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Tag archive for ‘Treatment pf hyperkalemia’

Relypsa: An In-depth Analysis of Early Results of the Veltassa Launch (RLYP, Buy, $13.26)

Investment Perspective Relypsa is about two months into the launch of Veltassa, its first product. There was a time (several years ago) when a new product launch coincided with excellent stock performance as one might expect. Paradoxically, now launches more often than not lead to disappointing stock performance. The most important reason for this in […]

Effective Treatment of Hyperkalemia Promises to be a Multi-billion Opportunity

Key Points There are no effective treatment options for long term treatment of hyperkalemia (high potassium levels). My research suggests that the annual addressable market could be in the tens of billions of dollars in the US. Two emerging biotechnology companies have almost simultaneously developed effective drugs for hyperkalemia. Relypsa’s patiromer could be introduced in […]