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Tag archive for ‘Sangamo BioSciences’

Sangamo: Paradigm Shifting Approach to Gene Altering Leads to Unique Product Opportunities (SGMO, $9.56)

I have followed the progress of Sangamo for over seven years. I listened to a presentation by Edward Lanphier, CEO of Sangamo, during the JP Morgan conference in San Francisco in early January and then met with Edward and Liz Wolffe, Director of Corporate Communications. This note summarizes my key takeaways for 2013. Sangamo is […]

An Introduction to Sangamo’s Gene Altering Technology (SGMO, $4.50)

Sangamo: An Introduction to Its Gene Altering Technology   Investment Perspective This report tries to present the technology of Sangamo in terms that a layman can understand. I have no educational background in molecular biology and this note may not correctly represent all of the complexities of Sangamo‚Äôs gene altering technology that is powered by […]