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Tag archive for ‘Pfizer Inc.’

Settlement Between Pfizer and Teva on Generic Zyvox is a Significant Positive for Trius Therapeutics

The Issue On May 31, 2012, Pfizer Inc. (PFE) and Teva (TEVA reached a settlement that licenses to Teva a generic version of Pfizer’s antibiotic Zyvox (linezolid). Pfizer first sued Teva in January 2010 for patent infringement after Teva informed Pfizer that it had filed an abbreviated new drug application with the FDA.This was done […]

Generic Challenge to Pfizer’s EpiPen by Teva and Antares (AIS, $2.70)

EpiPen is a self-administered injection of epinephrine used to avert anaphylactic shock following a severe allergic reaction, as with a bee sting. It is manufactured by Pfizer (PFE) and distributed by Mylan Laboratories (MYL). EpiPen is on track to exceed $300 million of US sales in 2012. Teva (TEVA) is first to file and is […]

Initiation Report on a Cheap Lumbering Stock (PFE, $20.78)

Pfizer is entering a patent cliff period in which sales will decline over the next two years. The drug pipleline is modestly promising but not so much so that it can significantly accelerate the giant sales base of the company in ensuing years. The current dividend yield of 4.1% and a strong cash flow that […]