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Tag archive for ‘NSI-189’

Neuralstem: Previewing Upcoming Important Events and Some Thoughts on the StemCell Patent Infringement Lawsuit (CUR, $3.62 Buy, August 26, 2014)

Key Points The phase 2 trial of NSI-566 in 15 ALS patients has completed enrollment (surgeries) and final topline data could be available in 1Q, 2015. However, there may be some interim data released at the ANA meeting during October 12 through 14. If the phase 2 data is compelling, it raises the possibility of […]

Neuralstem: Phase 1b Results for NSI-189 are Very Encouraging but It Is Early Days (CUR, Buy, $4.38, For paid subscribers)

Investment Thesis on Neuralstem I continue with my long standing buy on Neuralstem that is almost entirely based on the potential for its neural stem cell product NSI-566 in the treatment of ALS. Recently, encouraging phase 1b results have been reported for the small molecule drug NSI-189 in the treatment of major depressive disorder. These […]

Neuralstem: Encouraging Phase 1b Data on NSI-189 (CUR, Buy, $4.35, Free content)

On June 17 at the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Neuralstem reported phase 1b data for its small molecule drug NSI-189 in a randomized double blind trial in depression. This involved 6 patients on placebo and 6 patients on each of three different dosing regimens for a total of 24 patients. The study ran for […]

Neuralstem: An In-Depth Look at NSI-189, A Novel Small Molecule Drug Being Studied in Major Depressive Disorder (CUR, Buy, $3.60, For Paid Subscribers)

Investment Thesis My recommendation of Neuralstem (CUR) has been based primarily on the potential for its neural stem cells NSI-566 in treating ALS. However, the Company is also developing NSI-189, a novel small molecule drug that could offer a completely new approach to treating major depressive disorder and other central nervous system diseases. Drug research […]