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Northwest Biotherapeutics: Blinded Data from Phase 3 Trial Strongly Suggests that DCVax-L is a Major Advance in the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme; It Looks Like NWBO Has Hit a Therapeutic and Commercial Home Run (NWBO, Buy, $0.25)

Investment Hypothesis on Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccines I have no academic background in immunology so that you should take that into account as you read this hypothesis. You must recognize that mine is the view of a layman. That said, here is my hypothesis on the potentially breakthrough role for DCVax-L and dendritic cell cancer […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: Management Discusses Interim Data on Phase 1/2 Trial of DCVax-Direct (NWBO, Buy, $6.00, free content)

Introduction Northwest Biotherapeutics held a conference call on May 27th to discuss interim results of its phase 1/2, first in human, trial of DCVax-Direct. This is a new type of dendritic cell vaccine in which the dendritic cells are injected directly into the tumor mass and pick up cancer antigens that are present in that […]