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Tag archive for ‘Intermezzo’

Transcept: Throwing in the Towel on Intermezzo (TSPT, $3.56)

Intermezzo was launched by Transcept’s marketing partner Purdue in April 2012. I believed then and now that it is a highly effective product and fills a unique niche for middle of the night insomnia. Sales in 2012 were disappointing, but Purdue stepped up in major way to relaunch the product late last year with a […]

Transcept to Resubmit Intermezzo NDA; Hopes for a Class I Review

Resubmission of Intermezzo NDA Transcept Pharmaceuticals in a press release today (September 15) said that it plans to resubmit its NDA on Intermezzo following a meeting with the FDA. The key parts of the resubmission are: Transcept proposes to reduce the recommended Intermezzo dose for women from 3.5 mg to 1.75 mg, and to keep […]