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Tag archive for ‘Iluvien’

Alimera: Iluvien Sales are Encouraging but the Company is Financially Stressed (ALIM, $1.79, Neutral)

Investment Perspective I first started writing reports on Alimera in May of 2013, but have never recommended the stock. I thought then and continue to think that its first and only product Iluvien, has meaningful commercial potential. I think that Iluvien can potentially reach $300+ millions of worldwide sales and if so, Alimera would be […]

pSivida: One Step Away from Upgrading the Stock (PSDV, Hold, $2.80))

Investment Overview pSivida holds a unique, leading position in developing inserts that provide long acting delivery of drugs to the retina in the back of the eye. Eye drops cannot deliver drugs effectively to the retina and systemic therapy requires large doses of drug to be delivered in order to allow some small part of […]

Comments on Alimera (ALIM, $4.46, Neutral) and pSivida (PSDV, $3.97, Neutral)

SmithOnStocks Mailbox About the Mailbox: My mailbox comments are brief articles on stocks in which I am involved. These can come from recent events or from subscribers’ questions. They are meant to address specific issues about these stocks and are not full and balanced reports. Please refer to the Reports section of my website for […]

Alimera Sciences: Some Thoughts on the Upcoming US Launch of Iluvien (ALIM, Neutral, $5.29)

Investment Thesis I have been speaking with ophthalmologists, investors and Alimera (ALIM) management about the upcoming Iluvien launch. As I write this, the sales team is in meetings preparatory to an imminent roll out. I think that it is fair to say that most new product launches have proven disappointing in recent years and this […]

pSivida: Why I Think the Stock Could Do Very Well in 2014 (PSDV, $4.12) (Subscribers Only)

Highlights of Dinner Last night, January 9, pSivida held a dinner for analysts and investors in New York. The audience had a large number of retail investors and Dr. Paul Ashton; the CEO gave a general, introductory overview of the Company. However, Dr. Ashton did provide some useful information in regard to three potential catalysts […]

pSivida: Game On for Iluvien (PSDV, $4.29)

Alimera (ALIM) and pSivida (PSDV) released some extremely encouraging news on Iluvien. They said that Alimera had entered into labeling discussions with the FDA and as a result, both parties have agreed that there is no need for the previously scheduled January 2014, Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Advisory Committee meeting. A reasonable assumption is that the […]

pSivida: Previewing the October 17th PDUFA Date for Iluvien (PSDV, $5.07)

Investment Scenarios: The Positive and Negative Case pSivida (PSDV) has a very important binary event upcoming on October 17, 2013; this is the PDUFA date for Iluvien, an ocular implant for diabetic macular edema that was licensed to Alimera (ALIM). I cannot answer the question of whether the government shutdown might delay the PDUFA date […]

How Iluvien May Benefit Alimera and pSivida (PSDV, $3.25)

Investment Perspective on Iluvien The investment outlooks for pSivida (PSDV) and Alimera (ALIM) in 2013 will be driven by issues related to Iluvien, an ophthalmic implant which has been developed for the treatment of diabetic macular edema. Diabetes can lead to chronically elevated levels of blood sugar that can cause structural damage to the inner […]