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Tag archive for ‘DERMA Phase III’

Agenus: Assessing Stock Prospects in the Aftermath of MAGE A-3 Cancer Vaccine Missing Primary Endpoint in Melanoma (AGEN, $2.81)

Investment Thesis Glaxo (GSK) announced today that the trial of their MAGE A-3 cancer vaccine in the DERMA trial in stage IIIb/c melanoma did not meet its endpoint of progression free survival. Agenus’ QS-21 adjuvant is a component of this vaccine and Agenus would be entitled to a royalty upon commercialization. Agenus’ stock traded down […]

Agenus: Upcoming Clinical Trial Results for the MAGE A-3 Cancer Vaccine Will Have a Major Impact on the Stock (AGEN, $3.42)

Investment Overview I initiated coverage of Agenus (AGEN) with a Buy on July 17, 2013 based on the pending release of clinical trial data on five development programs over the next three quarters. Each of these events, some more than others, has the potential to boost the stock at the time the data is reported. […]