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Expanding on Clinical Trials of CPP-109 in Cocaine Addiction and Pre-Clinical Studies of CPP-115 (CPRX, $1.14)

Purpose of Report I recently initiated coverage of Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners (CPRX). This report is a follow-on to that report which focuses on the clinical trials that have been conducted to date with CPP-109 (vigabatrin) in cocaine addiction. This provides perspective on the all-important ongoing US phase IIb trial. The company hopes to duplicate the […]

Initiating Coverage Based on Interest in CPP-109 for Treating Cocaine Addiction (CPRX,$1.18)

Company Overview The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that there are about 1 million Americans addicted to cocaine and another 300,000 addicted to methamphetamine. This compares to about 1.9 million Americans addicted to opioid analgesics. The largest selling drug for opioid addiction is Suboxone, which has current US sales of about $1.2 […]