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Tag archive for ‘BENEFIT-ALS’

Cytokinetics: More Thoughts on the Potential for a Phase 3 Trial of Tirasemtiv in ALS (CYTK, Buy, $4.20)

Investment Thesis In listening carefully to Cytokinetics’ (CYTK) comments over the last three months, I am convinced that the Company will consult with the FDA and EMEA about the design of a new phase 3 trial of tirasemtiv in ALS. They will ask for approval to use the respiratory measure of sustained vital capacity (SVC) […]

Cytokinetics: Tirasemtiv May Still Be Successfully Developed in ALS (CYTK, Buy, $4.77)

I think that there is a strong possibility that Cytokinetics (to the surprise of Wall Street) could announce sometime in coming months that it will undertake a phase 3 registrational trial for tirasemtiv in ALS. After tirasemtiv failed to reach the primary endpoint of ALSFRS-r in the phase 2 BENEFIT-ALS trial, the stock crashed and […]

Cytokinetics: I Think That the Company May Decide to Do A Phase 3 Trial with Tirasemtiv (CYTK, $4.70, Buy, For Subscribers Only)

Overview on Clinical Status of Tirasemtiv I believe that Cytokinetics (CYTK) will decide to move tirasemtiv into phase 3 registration trials and that this decision will likely be announced later this year or early next. After listening to the conference call on April 30 that discussed the disappointing results in BENEFIT-ALS, it was my feeling […]

Cytokinetics: There Yet May Be a Path Forward to Develop Tirasemtiv in ALS (CYTK, Buy, $4.49, Paid Subscribers)

Overview Cytokinetics held a conference call on the results of the BENEFIT-ALS trial on the morning of April 30. The Company announced on April 25, that the trial had failed to meet its primary endpoint of change in ALSFRS-r and that results on secondary endpoints were mixed. Based on this, investors concluded that tirasemtiv was […]

Cytokinetics: The Critical Phase 2b Results for Tirasemtiv Should be Released on April 29th (CYTK, $8.88, Buy, Paid Subscribers Only)

Phase 2b Data on Tirasemtiv will be Presented on April 29th Cytokinetics has an extremely important binary event upcoming as the data on the phase 2b trial of tirasemtiv in ALS will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in Philadelphia on Tuesday April 29th at 4:15 PM. The data comes from a […]

Cytokinetics: Institutional Investors Give BENEFIT-ALS Potential Results a Vote of Confidence (CYTK, $9.06)

Cytokinetics (CYTK) announced that it has completed an equity offering in which it issued 4.375 million shares at a price of $8.00 that brought in gross proceeds of $35 million and estimated net proceeds of $33 million after underwriting discounts. Underwriters have 30 days to exercise a Green Shoe that would result in an issuance […]

Cytokinetics: An In-Depth Look at the Potential for Success of Tirasemtiv in the BENEFIT-ALS Trial in ALS Patients (CYTK, $9.50) (Subscribers Only)

Purpose of This Report The biggest clinical trial event in all of biotechnology for 2014 could be the reporting of phase 2b results from the BENEFIT-ALS trial of tirasemtiv in ALS. This in-depth report analyzes earlier phase 1 and 2 results for tirasemtiv and how they might be predictive of a positive outcome in BENEFIT-ALS. […]