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Tag archive for ‘Anadys Pharmaceuticals’

Gilead’s Offer for Pharmasset Follows Closely on the Heels of Roche’s Bid for Anadys: Could Achillion and Inhibitex Be Next?

Gilead (GILD) is certainly paying up for Pharmasset with its offer to buy the company at $137 per share ($11 billion), an 89% premium to last Friday’s close. Gilead will be paying for the acquisition with cash on hand and debt. Relative to alternatives such as investing money in short term debt instruments or doing […]

The Bull and Bear Case for Anadys (ANDS, $1.00)

The investment thesis for Anadys is almost totally based on the prospects for its lead drug, ANA 598, which is being developed for treating hepatitis C. This drug has shown itself to be safe and phase I data supports the belief that it is an effective agent. It is now in a phase II trial […]

Thoughts on Recent Poor Stock Performance (ANDS, $1.09)

Meeting With CEO Steve Worland Anadys’ CEO Steve Worland was in town for the Piper Jaffrey conference along with Investor Relations head Amy Conrad. I wanted to get their thoughts on why Anadys had been performing so poorly since the stock offering of October 15, 2010 in which the company raised $23.3 million. Key Points: […]

Investment Negatives and Positives (ANDS, $2.06)

I had a telephone conversation with CEO Steve Worland to discuss the negatives and positives for Anadys over the next year or so. Conclusion There are no significant catalysts over the next year and the product development landscape for HCV drugs grows more complex and difficult to understand by the day. The potential role of […]

Initial Meeting with Anadys’ CEO Steve Worland (ANDS, $2.33)

I met with CEO Steve Worland and IR contact Amy Conrad at their offices in San Diego. This was my first meeting with Mr. Worland. Company Overview The company ended the second quarter with $25.4 million of cash. The quarterly burn rate for the first two quarters was about $9.0 million so that the company […]

Update on Anadys’ Lead Drug, ANA-598 for Hepatitis C (ANDS, $2.06)

I had a phone conversation with CEO Steve Worland in which he gave me an update on the company’s lead drug, ANA-598 for the treatment of hepatitis C. Overview Anadys’ lead drug ANA-598 is for treating hepatitis C. This disease is now treated with a combination of interferon alpha and ribavirin. About 40% to 45% […]

Onsite Meeting with Anadys’ CEO Steve Worland (ANDS, $1.77)

I met with Anadys’ CEO Steve Worland and IR contact Amy Conrad at their offices in San Diego for an update on ANA 598. Company Update: Anadys’ lead compound is ANA598, a small molecule non-nucleoside inhibitor of HCV RNA polymerase. To date, ANDS has completed one phase I study in healthy volunteers. A second phase […]