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Tag archive for ‘Amniomatrix’

Derma Sciences: Highlights of the June 17th Analysts’ Meeting (DSCI, Buy, $11.07, Free content)

Price Target Thinking In my initiation report of January 31, 2014, I argued for a 2018 price target of $20 to $27 under the assumption that DSC-127, their new drug for wound healing, fails in phase 3 and development is abandoned. In this event, the valuation of the Company would be based on its attractive […]

Ed Quilty, CEO of Derma Sciences, Outlines His Strategy to Build the Premier Wound Healing Company (DSCI, $12.00)

Investment Thesis I published an extensive report on Derma Sciences (DSCI) on January 31, 2014 in which I recommended purchase. I argued in that report that DSCI presents an unusual and attractive biotechnology investment situation. We are all aware of the binary outcomes of critical phase 3 trials in which a successful outcome usually leads […]