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Tag archive for ‘ALS’

Neuralstem: Previewing Upcoming Important Events and Some Thoughts on the StemCell Patent Infringement Lawsuit (CUR, $3.62 Buy, August 26, 2014)

Key Points The phase 2 trial of NSI-566 in 15 ALS patients has completed enrollment (surgeries) and final topline data could be available in 1Q, 2015. However, there may be some interim data released at the ANA meeting during October 12 through 14. If the phase 2 data is compelling, it raises the possibility of […]

Cytokinetics: More Thoughts on the Potential for a Phase 3 Trial of Tirasemtiv in ALS (CYTK, Buy, $4.20)

Investment Thesis In listening carefully to Cytokinetics’ (CYTK) comments over the last three months, I am convinced that the Company will consult with the FDA and EMEA about the design of a new phase 3 trial of tirasemtiv in ALS. They will ask for approval to use the respiratory measure of sustained vital capacity (SVC) […]

Cytokinetics: I Think That the Company May Decide to Do A Phase 3 Trial with Tirasemtiv (CYTK, $4.70, Buy, For Subscribers Only)

Overview on Clinical Status of Tirasemtiv I believe that Cytokinetics (CYTK) will decide to move tirasemtiv into phase 3 registration trials and that this decision will likely be announced later this year or early next. After listening to the conference call on April 30 that discussed the disappointing results in BENEFIT-ALS, it was my feeling […]

Neuralstem: Dr. Eva Feldman’s Latest Presentation on The Use of CUR’s Stem Cells in ALS (CUR, Buy, $4.04)

Overview Dr. Eva Feldman is the lead investigator for the clinical trials of Neuralstem’s (CUR) NSI-566 spinal cord stem cells in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease). She spoke at the Keystone Symposia on April 9, 2014. Dr. Feldman is the recent President of the American Neurological Association. She is […]

Neuralstem (CUR, Buy, $4.48) Publishing of Phase 1 Results in Annals of Neurology Causes Price Surge (Paid Subscribers Only)

Introduction The final results of the phase 1 trial of Neuralstem’s (CUR) NSI-566 spinal cord stem cells in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease) were just published in the peer-reviewed journal, Annals of Neurology. The market has responded very positively to the data with the stock up about 15% to $4.48. […]

Neuralstem: Sizing Up Potential Key Events of 2014 (CUR, $3.42)

Investment Thesis and Overview Neuralstem’s clinical trial programs and accompanying results for its two key drugs, the neural stem cell product NSI-566 (its lead drug) and its small molecule drug NSI-189, are picking up a good deal of momentum. This year holds the promise for several events that could continue to drive the stock. The […]

Neuralstem: Evidence Increasingly Suggests its Neural Stem Cells are Effective in ALS (CUR, $2.57)

Thoughts on the Stock Price I have been recommending Neuralstem (CUR) since my initiation report of November 5, 2012 at a price of $0.92. The stock has appreciated significantly over the past year and has been extremely strong in the month of September as the price increased from $1.60 on the 4th to a close of $2.68 […]

SmithOnStocks Opines on Biotechnology Stocks, June 2, 2013

Overview of This Week’s Report This week I published a major report on Alimera Sciences and pSivida which led to my recommendation of pSivida. I also comment on Neuralstem’s press release on a rat study modeling the use of NSI-566 neural stem cells in an acute spinal cord injury which showed some encouraging data. The […]

Neuralstem: Update on Phase I Trial of Neural Stem Cells in ALS is Encouraging (CUR, $1.45)

Purpose of Report An encouraging update on the phase I trial of Neuralstem’s (CUR) neural stem cells in ALS was just presented. I alerted investors about this potential catalyst in my recent blog.   Investment Conclusion Before I state my conclusions let me quote the lead investigator on the study, Dr. Eva Feldman. She said […]