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Archive for May, 2016

Antares: AMAG Issues Guidance on Timing of Subcutaneous Makena (ATRS, Buy, $1/05)

I recently wrote a report on Antares entitled Makena has the Potential to Make a Very Significant Contribution to EPS  that highlighted the potentially  significant impact on Antares’ earnings of the subcutaneous formulation of Makena being developed jointly by Antares and AMAG Pharmaceuticals. In a press release summarizing 1Q, 2016 results, AMAG issued some very positive […]

Agenus: Its Market Leading Position in Immuno-Oncology Makes it A Compelling Investment Story (AGEN, Buy, $3.69)

Investment Thesis in Brief I continue to recommend Agenus for its impressive technology platforms in immuno-oncology. It is difficult to assign a price target because of the early stage of its pipeline. A principal driving force behind my recommendation is that many large biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms are far behind in the checkpoint modulator and […]