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Archive for September, 2015

Neuralstem: Initial Thoughts on Just Released Encouraging Phase 2 Data on the Use of NSI-566 Stem Cells to Treat ALS. Neuralstem Will Proceed to a Potentially Registrational Trial in 2016 (CUR, Buy, $1.50)

Introduction Neuralstem released this morning (September 29) new information from principal investigator Eva Feldman on phase 2 data from the use of NSI-566 stem cells in the treatment of ALS. She also discussed combined results with data from the phase 1 trial. I have included verbatim the information in the press release that discussed the […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: My Thoughts on the New Data from the Phase 1/2 Trial of DCVax Direct (NWBO, Buy, $6.91)

Critical Issue in Interpreting the Data Northwest just recently presented length of survival data for 39 patients evaluated in its phase 1 trial of DCVax Direct. . These patients were suffering from 13 different y types of solid tumors. The common characteristic was they were in the terminal phase of their disease and their tumors […]

Agenus (AGEN: Buy, $6.61) Royalty Deal for QS-21 Adjuvant Use in Two Glaxo Vaccines

Terms of the Royalty Deal Agenus announced on September 9th that it had signed a royalty transaction with Oberlan Capital from which they will immediately receive $100 million. In return, Oberlan will receive (for a period) 100% of royalties stemming from the use of Agenus’ QS-21 adjuvant in Glaxo’s shingles and malaria prophylactic vaccines. This […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: Thoughts on Suspension of Screening of New Patients in the Phase 3 DCVax-L Trial

Reason for Report On August 21, Northwest put out a press release that said that screening of new patients has been temporarily suspended while the Company submits certain information (unspecified) to regulators. Patients enrolled in the trial continue to receive drug treatment in accordance with the protocol which involves multiple injections over time. Screening involves […]