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Archive for September, 2014

My Dialogue with Adam Feuerstein on Northwest Biotherapeutics

Perspective I think that all investors in Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO) would concur that Adam Feuerstein has a vendetta against NWBO and its management. He has written 19 negative blogs (or is it 20) on the company just since March 2014. Since September of 2013, NASDAQ reports that the short interest on Northwest has increased from […]

Neuralstem: Investigators are Very Positive on NSI-566 Results in ALS (CUR, Buy, $3.27)

Investment Perspective The key investigators for the treatment of ALS with Neuralstem’s NSI-566 neural stem cells have been extremely positive in public statements. They are Dr. Eva Feldman, the lead investigator for the trial, and Dr. Jonathan Glass. Dr. Feldman is Professor of Medicine at the University of Michigan Health Care System and past President […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: Exciting News on Potential for Early Patient Access for DCVax-L in the UK

UK designates DCVax-L as first drug to be considered for early access approval under recently enacted EAMS program. Earlier this year, Germany granted approval to DCVax-L under its early access program. Early access means that DCVax-L can be prescribed prior to formal approval that might come in 2016. I expect revenues from German sales in […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics: National Geographic Special Features DCVax Direct Treatment of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Patient (NWBO, Buy, $5.90)

DCVax Direct was used in a patient with stage 4 pancreatic cancer whose chemotherapy was stopped. The patient, a Nat Geo employee, is stable at 18 months post diagnosis and gives his very positive view of the efficacy of DCVax Direct. Clinical studies show that 50% of such stage 4 pancreatic patients die within six […]

Antares: Thoughts on FDA Briefing Documents for September 17th Advisory Committee Meeting on Testosterone Replacement Products (ATRS, $2.14, Buy)

The FDA does not appear to be concerned about cardiovascular risk with testosterone replacement products so this is a major positive. The FDA is asking the panel to consider if these products are used too much in unapproved indications. The testosterone replacement market has shrunk significantly in 2014 due to the cardiovascular safety issue. There […]

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics LTD: Thoughts on Management’s Plan to Move ICT-107 into Phase 3 (IMUC, Neutral, $1.02)

Investment Overview ImmunoCellular and its dendritic cell cancer vaccine ICT-107 were written off as failures in December of 2013 after it was announced that the phase 2 trial in newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) failed to reach statistical significance on the primary endpoint of median overall survival. However, I believe IMUC is putting forward a […]