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Archive for October, 2012

Initiation of Coverage on NovaBay with a Buy

Introduction I have just written a new report on NovaBay (NBY) called NovaBay’s Robust Clinical Pipeline Approaches Critical Clinical Trial Results in 2013. This blog is a summary of that more in-depth report. For readers who want to understand the reasoning behind the conclusions I present here, I would suggest that you refer to that […]

NovaBay’s Robust Clinical Pipeline Approaches Critical Clinical Trial Results in 2013

Investment Thesis NovaBay has just received approval in the US for its first product NeutroPhase and will be commercializing it throughout the world using regional partnerships. It has a much more important second product, NVC-422, which is being developed for three distinct disease indications: as a dermal gel for the skin disease impetigo, an eye […]

Settlement Between Pfizer and Teva on Generic Zyvox is a Significant Positive for Trius Therapeutics

The Issue On May 31, 2012, Pfizer Inc. (PFE) and Teva (TEVA reached a settlement that licenses to Teva a generic version of Pfizer’s antibiotic Zyvox (linezolid). Pfizer first sued Teva in January 2010 for patent infringement after Teva informed Pfizer that it had filed an abbreviated new drug application with the FDA.This was done […]

Northwest Biotherapeutics Stock Surges 94% on Perfect Storm Created by Short Squeeze and New Buying Interest (NWBOD, $10.75)

Investment Summary Northwest Biotherapeutics’ (NWBOD) stock price increased 94% on Friday, September 28 to $10.95 per share and investors are asking what happened. There was certainly a short squeeze on Friday, but I don’t think that was the sole reason. Northwest has traded under $1.00 for a very long time and this has prevented many […]